How To Heal Our Divisiveness With Universal Truth and Without Talking Politics

Heal Our World - teZa Lord


Heal Our World by teZa Lord

In all honesty, I don’t “do” politics. And yes, I did vote in this presidential fracas. Today, I’m talking about how we can start healing from the rupture in our human fabric, now that the election is over. We all know each and every one of us is much more than just flesh, bones, guts and blood … and our preferred political choice.

We’re … well, we’re many things. When I’m checking in “within” myself, to see how I’m doing, if I’m feeling “off,” I always sit down and have an honest talk with myself: I start with, “How’re you feeling?” but that question has three parts to it:

“How am I feeling physically? Did I eat well yesterday? Did I exercise enough the past few days? Am I feeling Covid or a cold or an allergy weirdness coming on?”

Once that question is answered (it’s the most evident place to start … “How’s my body doin’?”) Then I move on to my next concern, and I ask myself:

“Am I keeping my mind engaged enough? What am I reading? What kind of conversations have I been participating in? Do I need to stop bingeing on the ‘Queen’s Gambit’ and pick up those ukulele lessons or find another Spanish practice-partner on the internet?”

This above mental survey takes a few more minutes than the first, physical overlook. My answers become consciously known to me, either mentally or written down in the notes app on my phone.

Now comes the toughest part of my personal “how to feel better” inner scan, designed for correcting myself when I feel out-of-sorts.

I’m ready to ask, “How is my spiritual life going these days?”

The Most Important Aspect of Ourself

When I learned to honor each of these three aspects—it was a BIG day. I immediately started feeling LOTS better. Suddenly, there was so much I could do to improve myself! Miraculously, I started to make healthier, happier choices, automatically. When I started giving just as much attention to my spiritual life as I did my physical (I’m pretty fit) and my intellectual (I have been called smart, but maybe they meant “smartass”), my life took on a more harmonious, manageable sheen. Let me share how I do it, and maybe it will help not only you, but … if more and more people like us start acknowledging these three aspects of ourselves … our world will more quickly heal from the terrible social-divide we’re in these days.

How do I know this? Because all spiritual students, no matter what path they align themselves with, whether a religious one or a purely secular, life-oriented, or Nature-based spirituality, know these truths:

  • Each person is a microcosm of the macrocosm.
  • What we do with our life’s energies affects our entire world.
  • What happens to one of us, happens to ALL of us.
  • How we think, we become.

You may not believe these truths now, but you will once you start living according to them. Notice I don’t call them “beliefs” because a Truth is a non-refundable, bankable item whereas a Belief is a possibility, a maybe. What I share with you, here, is known as a Universal Truth, as evident, as true as how we humans need oxygen to breathe in order to live.

The Universal Truth of Our Spiritual Nature

Look around and ask yourself:

  1. Isn’t it true that whenever there’s a birth or a death around you, you feel the specialness of that person’s entry, or departure? That with the beginning or the ending of life, the “vibes” of everyday life have shifted, and something ENORMOUS, and EXTRAORDINARY, is happening? Be honest. (SPOILER alert: If you’re a regular imbiber/user of any sort of mood-altering substance, you won’t be able to feel this sensation very clearly.)
  2. When you have that “magical feeling” (like, looking at an awe-inspiring landscape? Or, up at the stars on a clear night? Perhaps alone with a loved one, enjoying your connection without words?) ask yourself: “What part of me is feeling this?”
  3. Remember the time when you thought of someone and out of the blue … they called?
  4. How many times have you felt someone looking at you and you turned to see you’re being “looked at”?
  5. This so-called sixth sense (it’s our “spiritual side”) is real. Some of us work with it, others try to downplay it, and still others deny it.

What if we all chose to interact from our “spiritual” nature, and not solely from our “mental” or “physical” side of our shared human traits?

What a Different World If We All Tried to Change

 Try to wrap your mind around the  UniversalTruth that each and every one of us is a part of the Whole, that we all contain within us a “seed” of a shared Spirit … that we are, indeed, a part of the Bigger Picture, the Only ONEness … and there is no difference between us (except the “physical” and “mental”). Can you, for one moment, right here, envision what an incredibly different world this would BE, right here, right Now?

It’s not out of our reach. It’s happening. I urge you to join us, and elevate yourself by thinking more about your less pronounced side, your spiritual nature.


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