United We Stand

united we stand

United We Stand by teZa Lord   United We Stand Everyone is so excited! A NEW beginning is here, today! Filled with hope, positive direction, Mutual love and respect … Uniting our country, our hearts That are in such need of repair.   Whenever anything breaks The energy of healing Takes effort Takes trust Takes…

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The Repairing of America

Age of the Spirit

  Wade Davis’ article published in Rolling Stone magazine on Aug. 8 entitled “The Unraveling of America” strikes me as being an incomplete survey of the current social-political-moral situation in my homeland. Granted, Wade is a Canadian, and self-admittedly “loves America” because he’s married to an American, received his education here, and has a son-in-law…

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The Scrumptious Flavors of Love

Hello Dear Ones! I was recently honored to be one of the presenters for a Pecha Kucha event. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these “mini-TED talks” check out their website. Begun over a decade ago in Tokyo, the Japanese name (pronouced Pech-CHA-kahcha) at an international meeting of architects, it originated as a…

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All Lives Matter

united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

The more people who make it their pleasure, their personal quest, to become as aware and awake as possible, the more our society gets influenced by so-and-so’s positive energy, instead of barraged by the negative energy that causes more mishaps and tragedies, which then sells more papers, clicks, air time, and catches the attention of greedy Hollywood vampires.

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YOU are The Most Important Person!

the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

Every single person, black and white, felt Everett’s love for him- or herself. I certainly did. Because it was easy to imagine this affable, sweetly-smiling man who had time for everyone and anyone, to do such a thing.

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What daVinci and LordFlea have in Common

I do feel that the female energy which is my birthright, is the most healing, the most inclined to compassion, the most nurturing and therefore, the most likely to be heading the phase of enlightenment that is now beckoning all of us on planet Earth.

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It’s the little things that mean so much

hi friends. the other day my consort and i went to the beach for a swim and there, sitting on a sandy ledge, were three guys in tight spandex, wearing bike helmets.  there was a bigger, spandex-free guy standing close to them, and all four were relaxing, drinking cold beers.  It was quite obvious they…

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It’s an OM kind of New Year!

Hello dear friend, Busy time of year for all of us, yes! Many friends, families, events, and energies spent just keeping up with it all. Whew! I’m ready for the quiet again. Well, I shouldn’t say that too loud or I might just get my wish. You know how they say to be careful for…

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jaZZ and raZ-a-ma-taZZ, TIA-style

friends, last weekend i attended the savannah jazz festival up in savannah, to honor and support our good friend and world renown congo player, mr. Big Black. in case you’re wondering, Big Black is very big, and yes, he’s very black. Black, as he’s known to his friends, has played with most of the “old…

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