United We Stand

united we stand

United We Stand by teZa Lord


United We Stand

Everyone is so excited!

A NEW beginning is here, today!

Filled with hope, positive direction,

Mutual love and respect …

Uniting our country, our hearts

That are in such need of repair.


Whenever anything breaks

The energy of healing

Takes effort

Takes trust

Takes focus

And that’s what we Americans are ready

To do, together.


Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!

We need you! We love you! We believe in you.


Now, let’s get to work and

Use all our energy to repair what’s

Been broken.

No blame.

No shame.

Only the leading flame of

The One Love we all are …

We’ve only just forgotten

For this short spell we’ve been under.


Today we awaken, collectively!


We Are ONE







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