It’s an OM kind of New Year!

Hello dear friend,

Busy time of year for all of us, yes! Many friends, families, events, and energies spent just keeping up with it all. Whew! I’m ready for the quiet again. Well, I shouldn’t say that too loud or I might just get my wish. You know how they say to be careful for what you wish … you might get it.

In some cases though, it’s a very good thing to “wish for something” especially if it’s going to effect goodness throughout the entire world. And so I give you this special gift (painted by another than myself) to try this spiritualizing technique for yourself.

Try making the sound aloud. make it easy, long, and full of love.


the sanskrit sound, Om -- the primordial mantra

the sanskrit sound, Om -- the primordial mantra

Wouldn’t it be an incredible thing to wish for, if many of us (as many of us already DO) sing the song of positive transformation? Sing the sound of Ooooommmmm and see how it changes your life. Make this sound that sends vibrations throughout every cell of your being–out into the world around you–and beyond! It happens. Just try it and see for yourself. Go somewhere quiet, away from others (so you won’t be inhibited) and just let it rip! Let the sound come loudly out of you, from the depths, as if this was what you were meant to do, from the very first day you drew your first breath!


Om was often mentioned by the ancient sages, the writers of the oldest scriptures of Earth, called the Upanishads and the Vedas, written down in India two thousand years before Christ was born. To sing (with intention, with “meaning”) this sound–pronounced (h)-Ooooh-ummm, is to be associated, and aware of the Oneness of All, the thread that weaves through all of our lives, wherever we are, wherever we live, whatever we do.

Here’s a way I’ve drawn it, in English, signifying how the energy vibrates beyond our own individual self, out into the the entire world, helping all of us to become healed and whole.

the sound of Om throughout the Universe...constantly oming

the sound of Om throughout the Universe...constantly oming

So that is my New Year’s gift to all who come to sing the song of Oneness with lordflea.

Just carry this sound in your mind, and keep it ever sounding from your mouth. First you’ll feel the difference in your own life, and then–slowly, but very truthfully–the energy you send out to help those in need, those oppressed, or in fear.

How do I know?

Believe me, it’s happened in my own life, that’s how I know! But a person never gets totally “healed” until they do what they can to help heal others. So that’s why I share with you how I changed my life, from one of fear and self-sabotage to a life filled with hope and wanting to help others.

Here’s another image that might describe the purpose of my life: to help others experience the majesty of Oneness which continues to give me so much of everything: happiness, energy, freedom from obstacles and addictions, and most importantly–to know why we all are here.


we are ONE

 we’re going to Cuba! leaving soon. next post will be about the trip, what we’re doing (yes yes, we’re going with permission from the US gov’t, in case you’re whispering to yourselves about it), and we’re very excited.

in the Light, lordflea

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