This Mess We’re In Is ALL GOOD

purposeful messiness

Purposeful Messiness by teZa Lord


So many folks are freaking out! I see it in the news and on social media. I hear it in my friends’ texts (we don’t do much socializing, right!).

I’ll try my best, in as few words as possible, to present my perspective about why All this strife and turmoil is Good. Although this is a next book-sized theme, I’m giving it a shot.

The Political Divide

Let’s start with the most recent upsetting event(s).

When the incensed “domestic terrorists” stormed the Capitol on Jan 6, hell-bent on stopping the electoral process of Congress officially declaring Biden the 46th POTUS, I was not surprised. Were you? And, if you were, where have you been these past four years?

When rhetoric turns disrespectful (on both sides of the aisle) and name-calling is slung in place of respectful dignity, there is only so much any human can take before they retaliate. I’m not saying one person is entirely to blame. I’m not saying one political stance is entirely right, either. I’m saying WE world citizens, as a blended national family, each and every one of us is responsible for the magnitude of this past week’s horrific assault upon the revered halls of American democracy.

Until the time arrives (say it with me: “Yes, it’s NOW!)—when each and every person is responsible for every word that comes out of their mouth, and every thought that sits within their mind, like a golden egg waiting-to-hatch into action that only comes after being first thought about—the violent clash between differing sides will continue. Each of us must start watching our thoughts and our words and, naturally, our deeds (which follow) to do our part to end this insane political chasm.

Stop blaming “others!”

How Do We Heal Our Divisiveness?

The only answer to anger (which is the mask that fear wears when it’s not acknowledged) is the antidote of Love. What is Love? Among many things, the Healing Power of Love includes:

  • Patience
  • Listening to both disputing parties, without interruption, and in turn
  • Trying to resolve with compassionate understanding
  • Keep trying if the above doesn’t work

There is no quick fix. There is no ONE wronged party or instigating individual. Nor is there a monstrously designed conspiracy plot to overthrow liberty, justice, freedom, and the American way of life. There is only conflict. As there always has been throughout all of human existence, and always will be.

Can we minimize the conflict? Yes, each and every one of us concerned citizens can do our part. By believing the solution lies within enacting the four points listed above. Not any other way.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Nature has a way of sorting things out. When there’s a severe problem—overpopulation among Her human children; a crowded no-photosynthesis situation among a forest of trees; hunger among an over-breeding herd of animals; too many nutrients deprived in soil of a cultivated farm field; or a tidal encroachment of built-upon land claimed by homo sapiens—She has a way of using Her own methods to, once again, create a state of balance.

Tragically, many hundreds of thousands of people are dying of Covid-19. Will it end soon? I’m afraid to say it won’t end until it ends. Nobody really understands the mysterious workings of this new, unprecedented virus. But humankind is stepping up to the completely new challenge quite marvelously. Look at how quickly the vaccines have arrived! Will they stop the spread? We shall see. Meanwhile, civilization is being given a “re-boot” which, to many, was overdue and sorely needed. We humans need to sort out our priorities, like environmentalism over industry and materialism, for starters.

We are living among many unknowns. And this makes many of us very uneasy.

What Do We Learn From Living With So Many Unknowns?

If you compare what’s happening around the world, regarding the severity effects of coronavirus on the economy and our human culture, I bet you can immediately see the similarity within your own private life. When the Unknown becomes greater than the Known, it’s human nature for us all to feel uncomfortable. WE lose our center. We begin to fear for the worse. We start to think all is hopeless. This happens to the best of us when there’s not enough control in our own hands. Especially if we’re USED TO needing, and having, such control over our own lives.

And that, my dear One, is exactly the gift of what Covid-19 is nicely handing us all.

Why Is Loss of Control Necessary?

If you’ve ever tried to have a “spiritual life” the first thing you’ll discover is … the necessity of letting go of being able to control your life. For example, take the sublime connection between so-called “everyday reality” and the ego-less state that all spiritual teachers claim is the “Secret to Spiritual Growth” … also called meditation, mindfulness, or my favorite, Eckhart Tolle’s choice: Presence.

Achieving this receptive state of mind means letting go of the need to “think” and letting “no-thoughts” take its place, which takes dedication and practice. A person who insists upon knowing what’s happening, controlling, and feeling absolutely 100% secure—will assuredly fail. To be spiritual means to “Let go, Let ….” Well, instead of inserting here a religious Name, try Good-Orderly-Direction, a useful acronym for God.

To achieve a spiritual relationship with this mundane, earthly life, we must let go of wanting to control things. And who better has come along to teach us this, but Mother Nature, disguised as the coronavirus itself!

The sooner we learn to live in balance with our great and mysterious Mother Nature, the sooner we will see that this thing we call “life” is much more than we ever thought it was. Life is filled with Unknowns. So here’s my recipe for accepting What is:

  • Stick around for the miracle!
  • Mask Up!
  • Socially distance, wash those mitts a lot!
  • And … do what you can, but DO let go of needing to know everything!
  • The only thing you need to know is that …
  • Love conquers fear.

This is the recipe for healthy, nutritious Chicken Soup made from a whole shitload of chicken crap (politics, pandemic, etc.) we’ve been somehow thrown into.

Keep smiling! The key to happiness (even in adversity) is to stay connected to your inner power, your inner life, your … spiritual side. Every human has a spiritual side. Maybe the spiky coronavirus and the carrot-headed POTUS45 came into existence just to teach us these admittedly difficult, but oh-so-necessary things about the survival of our blended family here on crowded and crazy Earth.

I invite you to listen to my “MindStillers” on SoundCloud. Start with Mindstiller #1 and listen consecutively to all 14. This is a good beginning introduction to this powerful guide within.






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