Trauma Teaches Us Hard, but Needed Lessons

Hybrid Vigor: a true reveal of LOVE

A mishap as slight as a splinter or sprained ankle, or as serious as a broken neck teaches each of us to be more kind to our own body. So too, the resulting effects of social unrest, the political divide, Climate Change, not to mention the deadly pandemic still raging around, are showing us citizens…

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This Mess We’re In Is ALL GOOD

purposeful messiness

Purposeful Messiness by teZa Lord   So many folks are freaking out! I see it in the news and on social media. I hear it in my friends’ texts (we don’t do much socializing, right!). I’ll try my best, in as few words as possible, to present my perspective about why All this strife and…

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Our Political Division: WE Created It; Only WE can Choose to Fix It!

Choices by teZa Lord

  Many of us in America are discussing the angst and seemingly unfixable political divisiveness amongst us. I have a somewhat different perspective on the disturbing “how we can repair what’s been broken” subject. We Create Our Own Reality It begins with my personal story. For, you see, I am a recovering addict. Mood-changers were…

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