Trauma Teaches Us Hard, but Needed Lessons

latest nonfiction now an Audiobook

teZa’s latest nonfiction now an Audiobook

A mishap as slight as a splinter or sprained ankle, or as serious as a broken neck teaches each of us to be more kind to our own body. So too, the resulting effects of social unrest, the political divide, Climate Change, not to mention the deadly pandemic still raging around, are showing us citizens of Earth that we have to be more kind to ourselves. Once we learn to love ourselves, we can spread that kindness to others. And then, as a result of this awareness, we become able to be kind to our home planet.

Becoming more aware of the need for transforming problems into stepping-stones to higher consciousness is the subject of my latest audiobook: HYBRID VIGOR: a True Reveal of Love (click here for your copy).

Animals as Spiritual Guides to Humans

Using their species’ idiosyncratic behaviors to exemplify a more natural way we humans can behave better, provides each essay in HYBRID VIGOR with a unique theme as another new animal is represented as a spiritual guide. Interconnected true-life accounts reveal how my own experiences with both wild and domestic animals have taught me to be a better person.

Sometimes our spiritual teachers come disguised. We have to look within ourselves and ask, “Am I willing to learn something new about life from an extraordinary source?”

In HYBRID VIGOR, we so-called “higher” evolved animals, homo sapiens, look to “lower” species for inspiration. Wherever we look, we see ourselves, and the ubiquity of consciousness reflected back. Nature has a way of communicating what’s needed to be heeded by Earth’s occupants.

All animals’ unique ways offer insights into how we humans can benefit by owning our own “animalness.” We Hybrid vigors look to Dolphin to show us playfulness. Moth demonstrates always going for the Light. Bear roars its protective power. And Turtle represents steadfastness and undeniable forward focus, not to mention its imperviousness to outside disturbances.

Life Lessons Are Everywhere we Look

Everything in life is a lesson. For me, my latest chapter in the “Get-Better” category is how I’m currently healing from traumatic neck-fusion surgery. In HYBRID VIGOR I demonstrate other ways in which I’ve learned profound insights … from various animals. Whether from an injury, or an animal, or a bona fide certified teacher, we can learn from anything if we’re willing to be open to change.

Protecting ourselves from getting infected by Covid-19, which is still proving to be a prickly, deadly teacher as its Delta variant continues to rage here in the United States, is another way we’re learning. Covid is teaching us about being wiser in how we spend our time, who we choose as friends, what we choose to believe (with so many fallacies and conspiracies floating around).  And don’t get me started about anti-vaxers. I’ve blogged and podcasted about this resistance to herd immunity ad infinitum.

Covid’s Still Teaching Us

In other parts of the world, notably Indonesia and less prosperous countries like Latin America and India, Covid is considered absolutely out of control. Overcrowded hospitals and severe restrictions contribute to too many deaths every day, still. We must maintain vigilance to get through this pandemic. That what we’re learning from a spiky protein virus and its variants. A lethal virus, which by the way, is an animal; a very tiny one, granted.

Here in the States we are hesitantly opening up. At least trying to. On any given day a new CDC mask recommendation is updated, rescinded or challenged by others. As each state is being given more latitude in how to manage public gatherings, restaurants, bars, and businesses are attempting to stay open. My home state, Florida, is high with Delta contagion, along with Arkansas and Alabama. Yet many people don’t wear masks inside large crowded places like the grocery store. I do. I don’t care what others think of me. I’m vaccinated, yet I don’t want to mess around with this nasty Delta killer, or spread it without knowing I’ve contracted it because I might not even known I’ve got it, that’s how weird this Covid teacher is.

Trauma is a Profound Teacher

Trauma can offer a lot of needed lessons. I’m getting a big one now. I’m experiencing the aftermath of triple-disk fusion. Healing my newly reconstructed vertebrae disks made from stem cell taken from my own adjacent vertebra! And what about the trauma of a worldwide pandemic; what have we learned from Covid? Or, living with the ongoing crisis of Climate Change and Earth’s environment being seriously compromised? These are all things we must address in order to heal from. Trauma is not just to be endured. We learn from having undergone trauma. But we must reflect, discuss, and disseminate our views, perspectives … post positive messages, speak with our friends, etc.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

Without trauma — or unexpected teachers, such as what animals have to show us — many of us would not have arrived at the place of awareness as we currently are. I consider being aware a blessing. How many of us can say we’re blessed with awareness? How many of us even think being aware of how we need to change, individually, is something we want to do? In HYBRID VIGOR I explore this unique approach to thinking, how each step of gradually awakening to higher understanding is a blessing, an asset, a gift. And it’s also fun! To be aware of awareness, is truly the finest gift of being alive.

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