Change is the Name of Covid’s Game

Covid, the Game Changer by teZa

Many are suffering. Many lives have been lost, and countless others impacted, some minimally, some horrifically. Loved ones have been lost. Jobs are lost. Having lost in-person contact, school-age kids are sadly freaking out in record numbers. Mental health workers can’t keep up with the demand in schools for trauma training, comforting all record numbers of kids who are distressed, a necessary human reaction to a contagious disease like this coronavirus. Its needs for human hosts increase exponentially, except where vaccinations have halted its progress. Its relentless threat appears hopeless to many.

Covid’s Game is Impacting Our Blended Family of Humankind

As I listen, see, and feel my fellow citizens’ pain, I have some comfort to offer. I do believe the Covid pandemic is teaching us, en masse, as a blended family of humankind, the lesson we all must learn, sooner or later. Even in the mental health field, counselors are treating Covid trauma as seriously as they do child abuse, nowadays commonly seeing signs of mental instability in children of all ages resulting from the pandemic’s adverse effects. Such is the depth of fears surrounding Covid that are affecting our youth, and other parts of society as well.

Covid is driving home the fact that life itself is all about change. There is nothing definite about life … except that it will come to a conclusion one day. Yes, there is the joke that taxes are also a non-negotiable. And for those of us fortunate to nurture a faith in a Divine Source of consciousness, that too, remains a constant throughout both good, bad, and plain ol’ normal times. But for many, the pandemic has brought more trauma than opportunities for growth, more pain than one can accept; way more anguish and sorrow than many can handle.

Accepting Change is a Life Necessity

I’d like to share another perspective. It has to do with every person alive having a choice whenever change is occurring. Whether in our personal life, or regarding a worldwide shift such as we in the 21st century face with culture clashes, weather and environmental toxicity, along with terrorism’s stressors—changes are happening. The pandemic has brought about a shift from our society’s previous focus on materialism to the other side of the coin. This side, the spiritual, is the side of our human nature that brings relief, and even a modicum of contentment in even the harshest of traumas. The spiritual is about accepting, no matter how good or bad what is happening in the present moment, even in the middle of an unknown such as the present pandemic. And now, the next wave of the virus’s mutations brings additional threats with its spreading variants.

My suggestion is to see whatever change is occurring as … what is. Not good. Not bad. Just … what is. This approach to life is to stay in each new Now as it arrives. It does take practice I’ll grant you that. But the reward is worth any effort put out. Read my books, listen to our ZLORD podcast and learn how to let go let something better into your stressed-out life.

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