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Big Heart of Compassion

Big Heart of Compassion by teZa Lord The order of the day is to mend what’s been broken. Our new President has brought this to our attention. He’s made it clear this healing is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Not just those who think they’re “right” and not just those who…

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The Bridge, our Opened Heart

fill yourSelf with LOVE

Love filled my mind with white diamond light. My body melted and I watched myself becoming this ever-expanding love. The warmth and fullness of my chest spread everywhere. I was one ball of a wholesome, loving heart. Was I chanting anymore? Probably not. Was I pure Love itself, me? Yes. Without a doubt. I can attest that I had become Love itself.

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Love Conquers All — even the Worst

I truly believe America is the vanguard of humanity. It is reinventing itself right now, with the help of positive folk such as you and me as leaders of this new era we’ve entered: the Compassionate Age of humankind.

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What daVinci and LordFlea have in Common

I do feel that the female energy which is my birthright, is the most healing, the most inclined to compassion, the most nurturing and therefore, the most likely to be heading the phase of enlightenment that is now beckoning all of us on planet Earth.

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How to Be Passionate about Compassion

When enough of us share with others that Compassion is the answer to our current global dilemma … the world will transform into a higher realm of understanding the diversity of our human condition. Now that so many of us are already aware of this need … we have arrived at “the Tipping Point” … the number of awakened souls already achieved, to ignite a worldwide transformation.

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As we think … so we are

As we think … so we are. How we think and believe is inextricably linked with how we talk and act, and therefore, directly corresponds to our present situation and how things affect us both now and in the future, including dis-ease and disasters of all sorts, as well as the joys and pleasures of…

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