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Big Heart of Compassion

Big Heart of Compassion by teZa Lord

The order of the day is to mend what’s been broken. Our new President has brought this to our attention. He’s made it clear this healing is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Not just those who think they’re “right” and not just those who think as the party members that elected him does. Each and every one of us, no matter our political or philosophical persuasion IS responsible for the breech that’s occurred these past years. We caused the horrendous divisiveness we’re all lamenting. How? How we choose to speak, that’s how.

Becoming More Blended

As our world became gradually more blended, many became confused and angered. But now that the diversification of the human race is a fact, no longer a possibility, our mixing of races and cultures, in itself, is how we can heal the personal, national, and international rips in the fabric of our woven humanness.

As our voices become clearer, and we learn to merge our opinions, demands, and real life necessities, we are in the process of creating an entire new iteration of humankind. Society’s goal, always, has been to experience freedom and provide a safe and prosperous environment for ourselves, our family, and future generations.

Blendedness Provides Solutions

Because the culture of humankind is now embracing diversified cultures, religions, opinions, and the needs of all types of disparate people, our blendedness itself, certainly contains the solutions to the many challenges that present themselves. What better time for us to focus on these new solutions than in our more quiet, introspective and creatively stimulated, pandemic-stressed era. Right NOW. The self-isolation, economic crisis, and forced-quieting of people worldwide, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, has added to our being able to realize a huge change is occurring in life on earth. It’s happening before our very eyes. No longer anticipated, the time of change is – NOW!

The solution to life’s many challenges lies within how we communicate. Our words are either weapons continuing injustices, or are healing balms of understanding. Each of us chooses which way we use our words. Those who continue to foment separation by name-calling, blaming, fear-mongering, etc. are guilty of widening the chasm between us. Those who choose wisely each and every word coming out of their mouth, realizing that words have power either to harm or heal, are of the latter group … the healers.

You get to choose. Every person is asked to choose love over fear.

Choose Love Over Fear

Here’s several ways that might be useful in recognizing how important the words are that you choose to use:

  1. Do you recognize the hurt in your own heart when you’re called a name?
  2. Can you recall, before speaking, that whatever word(s) you contribute will either add or hinder healing of our fractured society?
  3. A blended society is, by its nature, filled with opposites providing an opportunity to experience new and unknown territory. Are you willing to be amazed?

The wonderful thing about our blendedness today, is that once we get over the initial clumsiness of allowing for others’ innate differences—we will be a stronger, smarter, and more expanded a society for this acceptance we’re facing. A culture that makes allowances for only their particular needs, excluding others who are different, is a failed experiment in humanity. History has proven this fact. As we delve deeper and more broadly into this age of fast communication via the internet, more of us are expanding our levels of accepting those who speak, look, pray, eat, dress, and live differently from ours. We learn from others how a child is raised differently. We appreciate how a loved one is honored upon marrying, or dying, unlike from our customs. All humans have varied ways of expressing these daily needs.

Imagine a Blended World

The closer we get to becoming one blended family the closer we are to being able to solve life’s bigger problems than cultural, racist, or sexist hegemony. Stop for a minute and imagine a world in which the energy crisis is no longer an issue; and cures have been found for cancer, viral infections, and other major life-threatening diseases. Imagine the huge resource of creative energy that would be available, then, to solve the overwhelmingly most important issue of all—the toxic and close-to irreversible state of Earth’s harmed ecology.

Imagine—for just a moment—a world in which our human blendedness has brought peace instead of rivalry; and together, we humans face solutions to much bigger issues than the different color of human skin, or one’s preferred gender or sexual attraction, or how a person chooses to vote.

Some of us believe in the power of prayer. You do? I’m so glad to hear. Because every word we utter, whether aloud, silently, written, or sung is like a prayer. A word has that much power. As much power as a bomb. A bomb of love, not a bomb of destruction, is our aim, we healers. Our words are the shapers of our lives. It’s our job, as conscious people, to watch each word we utter.

And when we recognize we’ve created more angst, more fury in our poor choice of words, whether out of anger or lack of awareness, just make a promise to yourself to do better with the next words you utter.

First comes a thought. Then, words to express that thought.

Best remedy to heal our world, my friend, is to Watch Your Own Thoughts!


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