As we think … so we are

As we think … so we are.

As we think ... so we are

As we think ... so we are

How we think and believe is inextricably linked with how we talk and act, and therefore, directly corresponds to our present situation and how things affect us both now and in the future, including dis-ease and disasters of all sorts, as well as the joys and pleasures of life.

Whether we enjoy good health and are blessed with abundant inner happiness, or we suffer the reverse—ill health or discontent with the world situation—it all depends on how we think.

We can change our thinking from limited, self-defeating smallness to believing and embracing what’s truly possible of the human condition: our ability to have incalculable expansiveness. Our lives can be unlimited in possibilities, if we make that choice.

I know this from personal experience, not research.


When a dear friend was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, my feelings of impotency became so overwhelming that I decided I had to do something, besides offer my love and support, which of course all of us compassionate humans have in such instances. After visiting Maya and seeing for myself the obvious signs of the difficult, sad journey ahead of her, I was struck by the gravity of her situation. Instead of feeling powerless, as I did before going to see her, I was surprised to be filled with a burst of inspiration by what happened next.

Sitting in meditation the next day after visiting my sick friend, I was thrilled to receive one of those incredibly longed-for moments so familiar to meditators such as myself. Those of us who sit regularly, over time, inevitably come to trust our Inner Wisdom more than any other source of information. On this day and in one instantaneous flash I received what I’ve come to call meditation’s tendency to offer Those Billboard Moments … because the message I received, as always, arrived as clearly, as loudly, as directly as the biggest, brightest, most ludicrously obvious and flashy roadside billboard ever seen. This is the inspiration I received.


Write what you wish to say to your friend, right now.

Write, even if she can’t hear it or comprehend it. Write what you wish your friend could listen to, or had listened to years before, when she’d asked, and you offered—how you feel that life is a Magical Mystery Tour. A conscious life, that is. Back then, you answered that you’ve found it true that on Earth we humans experience what seems an ordinary human life, but actually is—when we awaken to higher perceptions—an extraordinary Life-In-Spirit. But Maya didn’t really believe what you had to say, back then. At least she didn’t show it in her continued habit of competitiveness and putting material accumulation ahead of her spiritual growth. Your friend might listen now, now that she’s facing, head-on, her own possible demise with this death sentence handed her at an otherwise lusty, healthy and wealthy age of fifty. Tell her everything here, in a book you’ll call, in her honor, Maya’s Book of Change. Maya  needs to hear all of what you want to say.

The inner message continued coaching, instructing me:

Name the book that because the I Ching¸ the original Book of Change (set in writing in 4000bce by Confucius) helped you, teZa, comprehend how humans must choose to live In Spirit. Confucius’ original Book of Change has always been a great comfort and a great teacher to you. Now you can offer the same to your friend in your own inimitable way. If your friend doesn’t want to hear what you have to say, or doesn’t care what you think, or can’t hear it (don’t forget, she’s taking heavy doses of narcotic pain-killers, is simultaneously on chemotherapy and radiation, plus she’s always had that one stiff drink every evening, taken pills for anxiety, along with smoking pot for years before this, and double that amount now, now that she’s in real pain)—no matter. Write it down anyway, even though it might be too late for Maya.

You must say what’s on your mind because others need to hear besides your friend. Yes, it very well might be too late for Maya. Though she didn’t want to hear it before does not mean she won’t be able to hear it now. Perhaps she can’t comprehend anything but the horror of losing her vibrant, beautiful life in the dreadful situation confronting her. How unfair it is, is her strongest belief at the moment. She keeps crying out “Why me? Not now! It’s too soon.” She may need to just rest, so she can face the next minute or two. She wants nothing more, right now, really, than to dull the pain even more. Perhaps she’ll numb whatever life she has left to live, one breath at a time. But you, teZa, your job as her friend, is to share these ideas with Maya. Help her grasp them to her best ability by writing about them as clearly as you can, so as many people as possible might also benefit from your communicating these hard-to-convey insights that are the most logical, obvious truths of earthly existence.

Whether Maya ever gets to hear these words or not, doesn’t matter.


my Inner Voice said, "Take Action!"

my Inner Voice said, "Take Action!"

After my inner Voice silenced, I began to write.

People need to hear It. This is what my luminous Inner Billboard told me, in one shockingly real, thunder strike-me-down moment of lucidity. The door opened into my destiny, and I was handed this specific task. This is the bidding I received.

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