How to Deal With the Stress of Uncertainty

Surrender by teZa Lord

Surrender by teZa Lord During a time of uncertainty (as we are in right now, waiting for the results of the presidential election in the USA, plus the continued threat of Covid-19), I put my trust in the Highest Good. So what does that mean to me? To you? This thing I call “the Highest…

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Our Political Division: WE Created It; Only WE can Choose to Fix It!

Choices by teZa Lord

  Many of us in America are discussing the angst and seemingly unfixable political divisiveness amongst us. I have a somewhat different perspective on the disturbing “how we can repair what’s been broken” subject. We Create Our Own Reality It begins with my personal story. For, you see, I am a recovering addict. Mood-changers were…

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we’re more similar than dissimilar

hi world, do you recognize yet how much more similar all we humans are than dissimilar? these days i’m thinking about the warm inside feeling i get when i think about behind human, particularly at this auspicious time in human history.  things are in such flux, aren’t they?  the world is quickly changing.  people are…

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passionate politics

dear friend, the election is fast approaching and with it, passions are flaring, tempers heating, and this is great! NOW is the time for people to express themselves, actively promote their choice, say what they want to say, and defend the position of whatever candidate they’ve chosen to support. it’s talking heads everywhere!  for someone…

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