How to Deal With the Stress of Uncertainty

Surrender by teZa Lord

Surrender by teZa Lord

During a time of uncertainty (as we are in right now, waiting for the results of the presidential election in the USA, plus the continued threat of Covid-19), I put my trust in the Highest Good.

So what does that mean to me? To you? This thing I call “the Highest Good.”

Define Highest Good

Some people define GOD as “Good Orderly Direction” and hey, that works for me in this instance. God, which I also call LOVE, and also call It, Universal Consciousness, is definitely the Highest Good, defined as the unseen power that permeates all of existence. Perhaps you have a different meaning?

Take a moment to think about what the Highest Good signifies to you. It’s an interesting spiritual exercise, one that will get your “spiritual muscles” activated, for sure! The direction that life’s trajectory is taking, concerning present and future events, is easier to feel relaxed about when viewed from the perspective of it being “Good” and not “Awful.” Good Orderly Direction, then, is my way of defining the “Highest Good.”

Simple Spirituality

I like to keep my brand of spirituality simple. In matters pertaining to the Mystery of Life, I always consult my “inner guide,” an exercise of “tuning in,” which  I’ve used to comfort myself for nearly four decades now. I learned how to do this from a spiritual mentor of mine, Reverend Alma Daniels, with whom I took a workshop, “Ask Your Inner Angel,” back in 1984, in New York City.

Here’s how I approach the Divine essence within. Everyone can do it if they wish. Ready?

  • First, get still.
  • Start by listening to your breath.
  • Give yourself time to still the rustling waves of your mind’s thinking. Stilling the Ocean of Thought is another good way of defining this procedure. It’s a mini-meditation, in fact.
  • Now … focus on not-thinking. It’ll take practice. Start with a few breaths’ length.

Why Still the Mind?

For me, a person of extreme high anxiety in the past, I’ve learned to still my mind and listen to the inner power within, particularly in times of stress. And in times of peace, too. Matter of fact, now that I know how to do it, and have practiced a lot, and seen the excellent results of tuning into my own Inner Power, I tune in within myself a lot. It helps one gain spiritual strength, expand one’s mental perspective, and results in enjoying inner peace.

So now we’re in the midst of a presidential election that’s beyond contentious. It exemplifies years of divisiveness, political anger, and frustration, and has resulted in a general lack of humankind’s innate choice to exercise good will toward each other. People who put too much trust in politics (and not enough in their own Inner Power) are in a state of high stress.

Me? I want inner peace. I deserve inner peace. It’s my choice.

Tune Into the Screen of your Inner Power

This is why, instead of being glued to a screen (in the past few days, especially!), checking reports of recent updates, I tune within.

I follow my breath. I shake away any thought that tries to intrude, imagining it as a leaf that has floated onto the big blue sky of my thought-stilled, expanded awareness. The aim of this exercise is to go beyond thinking, beyond projections, beyond worry. Beyond emotions. This is the state of higher consciousness. This is touching the hand of God, within your own Self.

The aim of having a peaceful inner experience is to accept What Is. To feel at One with the Universe includes accepting whatever is the plan that will result from this national vote we had on November 3, 2020, Presidential Election Day. Whether or not “My Party” wins, I want my personal life to exude happiness, productivity, joy, and as much kindness to others as I possibly can. And to do that, I must practice how to accept What Is.

So I continue to go within as I await the results of a very uncertain situation. It may be days from now. It may be in another minute. And even after the results have been finalized … there’s the coronavirus to contend with. Uncertainty of all other sorts, too.

Detach From Others’ Bad Behavior

As the minutes pass by, I feel more at peace, more deeply enjoying the rhythm of the continuously shifting, up- and downward moving waves of life. Not paying attention to whatever else is happening all around me, this is what’s needed in times of great anxiety. Not to listen to others freaking out, threatening, blustering, misbehaving. People may be upset, but I choose to not be. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I’m okay with whichever way the collective consciousness—the deciding electoral vote designed in the U.S. Constitution—ends.

I hope this helps anyone dealing with stress from facing uncertainty. Of course, you can apply this method of mine to any situation in which the end result, or a next confusing result, is facing you. Let Go and Let Good-Orderly-Direction.

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