rainy day yummmm–sharing the goodies

creating the goodness...and sharing it

creating the goodness...and sharing it

they are a terrif product, maybe you already know of these little darlings.
rainy today.
last night just a good girlfriend over to visit us and made the GREAT SURPRISE i’d discovered while Carter was away skiing in Vermont…which is…
the GREAT surprise--we are ONE

the GREAT surprise--we are ONE

FREASH spinach (two big bunches): first sautee entire head of garlic sliced thin (yes!) crispy brown in lots of extra virgin olive oil, add thin round radishes slices for few minutes more, then add the spinach, and cover: let cook till it all melds into a wondrous texture of…well, i won’t tell you, you have to taste it! (let it simmer till most of juice evaporates) add soysauce just before gobbling and helplessing making erotic noises at the table. hmmmmmm.
i served with:
bbq tofu (my own bbq sauce: ketchup, mustard, molasses) with additional home-made pesto sauce (weird but cosmic culinary combo): slice hard tofu in 3/4 inch rectangles and cover with bbq sauce and broil till cooked on each side, slice into smaller recs, add the basil-nut sauce and toss in bowl to cover the tofu.
haas avocado slices on bed of hardly-cut cilantro with BIG thin radish slices, raw (only lemon to dress) arrange artistically as mandala: radish on outside as layered frame of red.
broiled salmon (only 7 minutes! or maybe 9 at most for thicker) sprayed with olive oil first and sprinkled with www.tspspices.com dill (very fresh and tangy) before cooking.
strawberries in the buff (okay, take the leaves off if you must) with choc. ice cream (no frills in lordflea’s house).
the closer to the source, the better the taste
nice long walk on the beach as an appetizer, watching the sky get angrier by the moment.
Storm Haiku

Storm Haiku

after our orgiastic meal (i’m not bragging! this is the way food should taste) talk about art (how much better now that market forces art to be real), books (what is Junot Diaz all about anyway?), Benjamin Button (love it!) the sea (our mother), trusting Obama (yes yes yes!),  and anything else on heart or mind needed to share, as meal’s and life’s delicious dessert, listening to Israeli avant-garde music (Buddha dinner, it’s really old but really fantastic).

friends sharing intimacies: who we are, our dreams, our fears even. honest to the bone.

ahhhh, life. good food, good people, love, friendship, health!
focusing on positive–not listening to the whispers of “not good enuf, this is bad,” etc. etc.
i wish all good things, plus life fulfillment upon all beings, and i promise to work with all my energies to help as many of my fellow beings enjoy these things too.
my job description: former artist and writer, now dedicated spiritual warrior, at your service!
lordflea sending the Light

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