The personal touch

back at my desk after two weeks in costa rica, and days of catching up and dealing with… life!

where it all began ...

where it all began ...

i first went to costa rica four years ago, and took with me my first digital camera and the above notebook. Once there, I decided to do what I’d been told to do in a dream years before—to draw very small. In fact, my dream had shown me to make “stamp-size” paintings…but i decided that would be too difficult. And hence began my journey into miniature black and whites, which i’ve been sharing on lordflea sings for the last year and a half.

giant horsetail

my eyes became a microscope. i drew up closely to look more preciously, at every aspect of nature, of my companions, of the world around me. AND … this is what I usually saw:

the wonder within

i spoke to a woman, a stranger to me, yesterday and she visited my blog. she thinks i shouldn’t be anonymous. she thinks my readers need to know who i am, in order to relate to me as a person….not just the ideas and the art that i set forth in lordflea sings. i thought i’d put it out to you, who visit here, about this.

Question: do you think lordflea needs to be a “real” person, with a “photo” and an “identity” other than what I’ve been putting out to you? Also, she think I write too much. I agree. I’m going to make my posts shorter from now on. I promise. But i have so much to share with you!!! oh well, i’ll just have to blog more often. please leave a comment and tell me if you want me to “come out.” If i hear enough “yes” replies….I’ll seriously consider it.

in the Light, lordflea

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