Change: the only constant in life

As a serious devotee of the Book of Change, the Chinese I Ching, which I have been using as a mathematically-attuned capturer of the-present-moment and a source of ancient wisdom since teenage years, the one and only thing I do know for certain is: change always happens.

look at the weather!

look at politics!

look at your own face in the mirror to start with.

Change, and accepting change as a positive and perfectly wonderful, natural thing, as opposed to a negative or uncontrollable thing, is a great comfort, a great sigh of relief in the midst of so much chaos, so many choices, so much so much! Especially in this day and age of our great information-glut, when the aspect of not knowing as much as the other guy seems to have superseded our interest in acquiring some measure of inner peace.

staying in the moment, the magic moment of the NOW

staying in the moment, the magic moment of the NOW

How many of us worry that we’re not hip enough, don’t know enough, or aren’t savvy enough about the fast-paced changes in our world, our community, our group of peers?

I know for myself I must work hard at staying content with what and who I am, and not let my thoughts wander into areas that can never, and ought never be my area of expertise. I’m quite happy not being able to perform brain surgery, and know that a surgeon probably wishes he could draw or write as well as I do. We all have roles in our little anthill on Earth. The tasks I’ve set out before me is quite enough, thank you. What I’ve chosen to work on and develop takes a full measure of a person’s commitment and responsibility.

So why want to change, I ask myself, and try to become that which I’m not? The natural ebb and flow of change is quite intense as it is. Sometimes it takes all my effort just to accept the changes that naturally occur, without me trying to upset the balance of life, of nature.

If I’m short, I’d be batty to aspire being a center guard on the Lakers.

If I’m tone deaf, why wish to be an operatic star?

Really, accepting who I am and the role I’ve chosen (or have finally discovered “the purpose of my life” … ahhhh, another interesting topic to explore some day) takes a lot of effort. What each of us has been given, the cards we’ve been dealt in this crap shoot, this game of life, seems to be the first step in letting “Accepting Changes” be a comforting spiritual maxim. When I see change as natural, as good, as evolutionary, then I’m free to explore and achieve a sweet level of inner contentment. Not wasting anytime trying to be something I’m not. Wishing I were born in a different body, with different gifts, in a different age. Yes, of course I can have dreams, goals, wishes — always! Indeed, to my mind a life without goals is akin to a ship floundering in the Sea of Chaos. To hold a goal close to my heart is important to my intellectual and spiritual growth. Yet accepting my role in life as what it is and realizing it’s being as important, as special and refined as any others (celebrities, those people on Idol, dance, reality or sports extravaganzas up on the small and silver screens, or scientists discovering a cure for cancer, yeah!) — to be content with my role, my hand in life: this to me is the “trick” of accepting changes as always being positive.

doing the best with what i got

doing the best with what i got

Each moment we change. Each moment we grow more aware. Or not. Those of us committed to becoming as aware as we can in this lifetime do whatever we can to enhance that possibility: meditation, stilling the mind, eating healthily, staying in the moment. Sticking with sane choices. Befriending positive, uplifting folks and leaving all negative people and influences behind.

A daunting task? Not really. Not when I remind myself that each and every change is a step toward the goal I’ve made for myself.

Then each change becomes a milestone along the path toward contentment.

Each change becomes a reminder of where I’m headed, and from whence I started.

And where I started off was a pretty scary, lonely, fear-ridden place.

Change: the only constant in life.

in Light and Love, lordflea, your pal

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