The magic moment is always this one, here

Every time I look up at the sky I’m amazed at the vastness of our world. So much! So much to know, so much to do, so very many to do it with. It’s really quite overwhelming, isn’t it, if we allow ourselves to think this wildly, exuberantly expansive way. In order to carry on, however, most of us have devised methods of maintaining our cool, keeping our minds focused on that which is right in front of us. And this is a good thing, the very best, actually, because it’s in what is right now, right here, in this moment—not what happened before and not what might happen afterwards—that the “magic” of life happens. In each moment, the sense of Being can truly be felt. This is the magic I’m talking about. Owning our humanness, in other words. Realizing that to be born human is a great gift. When I learned to simply focus on how fortunate I am to have been born human … I surrendered to the mystery of that experience. Joy happens each and every moment when we remember to stay focused on the simple fact of the uniqueness of being a human. Our human life is a gift. What we choose to do with it is the deciding factor of whether we reside in the state of contentment—or our other choices like: fear, anger, resentment, confusion, or sadness. Me, I choose to stay in the magic moment of the now! What’s your choice? It is a choice, you know.
In love and light, your pal lordflea



  1. Joss on June 1, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    ‘the magic moment of the now’ YES. choosing this more and more.
    walk in beauty.

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