Sharing the Dream … that always comes true

When I was little I would often dream of flying. I remember the sensation vividly: as if my life depended on it I would energetically flap my outstretched arms like they were feathered wings. Yet somehow I was able to always remain aloft, just enough! just barely! sometimes only a few inches, but enough to escape the maddened crowd of people that pursued me from down below, angry because I could escape whatever they couldn’t.

This childhood dream came to me often. So often that I grew accustomed to the sensation of flying. It didn’t seem weird, or so very out of reach, to be able to keep aloft of the trials and tribulations of the anger, fear-riddled crowd so desperately wanting to pull me down to them. What they would have done to me, I never discovered. My only concern was to work as hard as I could, flap my non-winged arms, sweat buckets, and make sure I kept out of reach from their eager, unfriendly hands. That was my only mission in those flying dreams.

These dreams were a precursor for what my adult life would be. Often I find myself working really hard to stay in that state of interconnectedness I’ve found, and fostered, throughout the years. How did I find this inner state? By first discovering it (in a book: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran), and then pursuing various methods and numerous teachers, until I finally found how I could sustain that inner state of being-in-tune with the magical-flow-of-life. I was fortunate because my journey inevitably brought me to the teacher that was perfect for me, at the exact same time I was ready—really ready—to give up the other, dumber choices I was actively investigating: thoughtless action, mindless serendipity, leaf-in-the-wind decision-making, heavy-duty partying, All that got me nowhere. But when the right teacher came into my radar screen, I recognized what she brought: Truth.

Have you discovered your teacher yet?

in Love and Light, lorflea

Seek the teacher and s/he will find you

Seek the teacher and s/he will find you

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