What’s on my mind about Climate Change, friends

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let’s talk Healing the Planet

Climate change, Harvard University Symposium 10/13

(I worked as botanical illustrator at Harvard Peabody Museum longer than my husband, class of ’68, went to school at HU)

Short talks by these members of class of ’68, the purpose of LordFlea’s visit

I     James McCarthy, Harvard U, prof of oceanography
Reports about Argo float units: track oceans’ — thus, warming proved
Charts, data, facts now indisputable.

Greenland ice gone. Seas rising.

II    Wendy Kuhn Silk, U of CA Davis, botanist, artscientist

melting ice affects entire ecology: small plants, fish, seals, polar bears besides loss of land
Earth water science song, she teaches others to create song for heart-shake
Uses creativity to make emotional bond with environmental issues.

III    Ann Greenberg Berwick, environmental lawyer, former Undersecretary for Energy in MA

Our goal: de-carbonized electric grid , etc no carbon
Naturall gas & nuclear, bad
No such thing as clean coal
Answer: de-carbonize electric grid

IV    Michael Van Bever Dyett,  city planner San Francisco
Yes, we can reduce greenhouse gases
More biking, walking
Little incremental improvements, not draconian measures
Elected officials have to be onboard

V     Charles Alan Boright, former Vermont lawmaker (House and Senate Committees on Natural Resources and Energy)
Moderator for this seminar’s …

Questions and Discussions

1) If all of Greenland melts, effect is catastrophic for sea rising level. “You don’t want to even think about it,” answered McCarthy, Harvard oceanographer.
(LordFlea: I flew over it last year on trip taking Mom to Iceland in August and saw only ice over Greenland, but measurements say last year all of Greenland was measured above 32 degrees F. Even though to appearances, there is ice, it is in the active state of sublimation, melting before our eyes. )

2) Methane is bigger prob than is known, says a visiting scientist (didn’t get name).
More than carbon dioxide

Oceanographer McCarthy  is optimistic:
Success with wind solar elec energy, he points out

3) bio possibilities being explored, many reports of research, findings, figures: yes, world is rapidly changing
4) good and bad of Gmo crops: have good and bad purposes, effects
5) need for more solar incentives for common folk , community projects , individual homes, lowers prices of eco-saving devices; Lamar builders, for example, etc can provide better energy-savers in new homes if offered economic breaks, govt incentives; roof top leasing for large stores such as Walmart for collection of solar energy

6) Scientific projections are on the light, safe side, all scientists attending agreed.

Science has erred on side of caution — up to now.

Scientists becoming more vocal.

7) Clean Air Act
Putting price on carbon is best answer available

8) Efficient lights subsidized by Costco and other places, great, need more business to hop onboard. Capitalize on ecology-saving

9) Fracking: co2 pumped into pipes to release oil. Some Harvard attendees/scientists think acceptable, quickly followed by:

10) Environmental consultant/former legislator:, Ann Berwick:  “Sorry to be the wet blanket ” — there is no plan, no legislation, fracking issue is bad : co2 stays in ground, and she’s not optimistic.

11) Chris Hallowell, author, wrote book in 90s re : what if New Orleans levy broke. Then Katrina happened. Many of ’68 class have raised their voices in their fields.

12) Enlightened leaders is our ONLY hope: all agree!!

LordFlea’s final note, Let’s put our personal light focusing on the hope of enlightenment reaching the darkness surrounding all our issues here on earth.


Be a Spiritual Activist!!!

Think Positive, my friends.

Help from all to heal our World, planet Earth

Help from all to heal our World, planet Earth


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