I’ve been anticipating for days now to write about how happy I am that Aung San Suu Kyi has prevailed in Burma/Myanmar, but, dear reader, my heart is bursting with emotion because Paris is wearing the shroud of darkness after the inhumane killings of Friday night. So I shall save my praise for my Burmese hero (I don’t like the word “heroine”) the great Nobel Peace Prize winner, who has clung to the LIght during her many decades of herself, personally as well as her oppressed countrymen and women facing the darkness of oppression. And Aung San Suu Kyi knows perhaps better than anyone alive today that the LIGHT, seeking refuge in the tremendous Force of Spirit — is the answer to all human woes.

the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

the LIGHT within us is the LIGHT of ALL

After such a heart-bludgeoning happening as the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13th, 2015, many feel shocked, hopeless, depressed and filled with an angry forboding of inevitable doom. Many can’t see the end of this madness and spread of Islamic Terrorism, the inhuman hatred exuding from these extremists, the killers of Free People that currently is plaguing the world. Religious intolerance is the modern day Black Death. Instead of millions dying from a horrendous and quickly spreading illness that strikes and wipes out entire towns, as happened throughout Europe during the Middle Ages — before people discovered germs — today we have the plague of murderous religious extremists who want to kill anyone who doesn’t adhere to their limited view of the world.

I don’t know much, but I do know how the Light within us is the only answer to the Dark. The Inner Light is Love. The Inner Light is Forgiveness. The Light is also, at times, gathering the courage to fight for what must be fought against. And in this case the LIght means not just praying, or sending condolences, but realizing that the next step, after the attack on Paris, is for the world to gather forces and batte the evil that overcomes the world.

I’m sure the political leaders will be discussing this inevitability soon. But here, we are discussing neither politics nor religion. The Light is the awareness we hold within our being, when our spiritual life is awake and aware.

In ancient times, just like today, there was great evil. There always has been and there always will be “Great Evil” roaming the world. This is the nature of earthly existence, at least as we have always known it. Perhaps someday there will be peace throughout the world, but … perhaps not. Nothing will change how humans act except we humans, one by one, changing how we are, individually. How we react to evil, however, has evolved. In ancient times, according to “legend” (which some subscribe to as “scripture” because it was written in texts that became sacred to many) … gods and goddesses arose from our human need to combat evil. Noone wants evil. And that is how religion was born, out of need for answers to combat the evils of the world.

Mythological personages (think Zeus, Thor, Venus) most probably arose from real people, similar to how Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in Burma/Myanmar, has become almost deified during her own lifetime. Because she sacrificed her freedom, her family, and dedicated her life to helping her people overcome adversity, people adore her. More on her story and her success of this past week in the elections in Myanmar later, as I said.

Of course when we see the word “God” … with a capital letter, we think of … the LIGHT. I don’t care what name you call “IT” … God is Light, God is Love, God is … well, you’ve heard all this before if you’ve read even one other post here at Lord Flea Sings.

But the emissaries of God’s loving Light, the “gods and goddesses” … these are You and Me and All of us! We, my friends, are the angels as well as the devils of lore. The positive-thinking people, the increasing numbers of human rays of Light are what I’m talking about here today. Our Light within. The Light that each one of us has, but perhaps haven’t yet discovered, or are in the process of trusting. This inner Light of our humanity is one and the same and innately connected to the indescribable power and majesty of the Light that connects all in existence. Whether you call it God or Spirit or consciousness, doesn’t matter. Forget the word, and think … “Unlimited Possibilities.” This is what LIght is. This is God as I understand the Mystery of Spirit. I prefer to call it OM, or, more yogically. Sanskrit-correctly, AUM.

the LIGHT within the Darkness

the LIGHT within the Darkness

Stay in the Light, my friends. Believe in the power of Love. Trust your own inner god-ness to be good enough, strong enough even, to save the entire world. Because numbers add up. We are awakening on a grand scale now more than any other time in history! When all of us join our Light, we are unstoppable in the inevitable illumination of the human race. When people live in Love instead of Fear, we shall melt away the fears of others. We shall love, and heal our enemy’s hurts as well as our own. We shall all live in the Light … in time. One opened heart and mind at a time. Humanity is changing.

Sometimes it takes being scared of things that happen in the Dark to awaken us to our true Light within.

Spread the word. Live from your heart. And if you don’t believe me … just try experimenting how fear and hatred take away everything you’ve got. Plunge into the storm of life, and have no fear: stay centered in the Light that is within you, within all of us.

How? Meditate, my friends. Learn as fast as you can. Google “how to meditate.” You can learn in a five minutes. Practice for just a minute everyday, that’s all it takes, believe me. It’s not like you have to change your life to become safe and secure in the Light! Become familiar with living in the Light, one minute at a time. Before you know it, our enemies will either fall away silently, be eradicated by the power of our joined Light, or … come over to the LIGHT because it’s way more fun, way more sensible … and it is who was truly are. We are beings of Light wearing our human costumes, until we return to the Light from where we once came.

With great Love and Respect for every person alive, even the terrorists who are causing such havoc,

your pal Lord Flea, aka teZa Lord

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