We Are a Universal Blended Family of Humankind

Heal Our World by teZa Lord

Heal Our World, by teZa

We’ve all had to adapt and change during the past year and a half, due to Covid, the great tormentor. But Covid is also a great spiritual teacher! That’s right. You heard me correctly. Without Covid, a lot of us would never have gotten the lesson so directly that how we accept hardships is entirely up to us. Our attitude is what makes life bearable, or not.

Learning to Be is a Choice

For those who’ve read my posts these past weeks, you see I chose the theme of how Covid is as great a teacher of life’s biggest lesson as I’ve ever met. Without the restrictions imposed upon us by the pandemic, many of us would still be locked into our addictions of substituting for life. Whether we “use” entertainment, or substances themselves, or “hide” behind chronic screen use or texting or posting, all terribly un-present-moment behaviors, we all needed a re-start. We all could use a refresher course in “how to Be.”

Now, with the world starting up again, a lot of us are assessing: “What Did I Learn From Covid?”  Have you asked yourself this yet? Covid taught a lot of us about the proximity of death. That’s as strong a lesson as anyone can get. A feeling of the ultimate sensation of all—of losing our life. That reality puts us front and center in the present moment. It puts a whole new meaning on “Being in each new NOW-moment as it approaches.”

Accepting life as it is, just as it is, is what Covid forced us to accept.

Our Blended Family of Humankind is Changing

As the pandemic continues, people are either in the state of accepting what is or, unfortunately, many have become depressed, sad, angry, rampaging against rules and science, some in denial, some victim to conspiracies beyond reason, and others, are sadly traumatized. Record numbers are asking for help from mental health workers. And this is all good. Although painful, change is good. It’s true: change is very hard for a lot of people.

Covid is the Changemaker of All Times

Covid—the great tormentor, the merciless killer, has, after watching and learning from it and protecting ourselves from its deadly wrath as much as we can—is the great teacher for all of us, showing us how to Be. If we haven’t learned to just Be through Covid’s impositions and challenges, we’ve no doubt been extremely uncomfortable this past year and some months.

If we think we are more special than just Being—and think we can outsmart a virus’s hungry grasp that feeds off of consuming our human energy—we will be proven wrong. Countless deaths have already proven that. By being vaccinated, we provide the best solution: create human resilience against this worldwide threat. By getting vaxed (especially if someone is hesitant to) we truly surrender to Being a blended family of humankind. Doing something we don’t want to do for the greater good of the human family is a noble deed. Being selfish is not.

Yet–so many continue to balk and rebel, failing to grasp we need to act as a selfless human family (by getting vaccinated, dammit!) in order to arrest this ever-mutating virus still besieging many parts of the world.

My current audio book Zen Love explores this theme of “How to get along with so many who are so hard to get along with.” This is the interconnected Oneness of the human condition. “Zen Love” is a true depiction of how one three-generational family did it, my own family. (The book, along with my others, are available on Amazon.)

Each of us alive is part of the upward thrust of humanity’s hopeful future. Each person is an integral part of the global web of life. I hope you, like I have, see yourself as an precious independent-yet-interdependent thread in the intricately woven network of humanity’s blended family.

How I Adapt, For Instance

Each week, my consort Carter and I have a spirited conversation about a different topic on our ZLORD podcast that has started its third year podcasting. We started sharing with the public when we set off on a six-month camping jaunt in June of 2019, setting up our tent in a different spot as the traveling urge directed us. We started off in Maine, ventured then north to Quebec, then went west along the southern border of Canada, then north to the badlands of America’s North Dakota. From there we zigzagged our way along the northwest US-Canadian border of Washington and Montana, then hit Utah, and explored all the way down to New Mexico, ending our camping at Big Bend on the Mexican-Rio Grande border of Texas.

Then … the pandemic struck. So our podcast became an exploration of our inner journey.

This is an invitation to listen to our fun, unexpurgated, with no-filters, our fun and hopefully inspiring ZLORD episodes. Hear what Carter and I are up to, as we discover the zest of living both as spiritual lovers of the Divine, and as true travelers on the road of life.

Just Being … that’s what we do best.


  1. Fonya Helm on July 3, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    Wonderful, uplifting blog! Thank You for the reminder of the basics! We are all together in this and we need to realize how important we are to one another

    • teZa Lord on July 19, 2021 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we need to talk about these difficult things, as much as we can, in as many different ways as we can. More positive thinking and speaking will heal our divided world.

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