In the ‘I’: Easing through Life-Storms


“A perfect anxiety-read,” a recent reader exclaims.

Even the most agonizing character in this nonfiction narrative manages to discover their innate, yet forgotten, instinctual ability to stay calm.

As Hurricane Charley churns closer and closer to the razor-loop surrounded, heavily-guarded, isolated facility in central Florida, each of the “yoga girls” that author teZa Lord teaches, goes deeper within her own being … and finds … utter peace residing within the center of an otherwise fear-filled life. Right there in jail.

The universal analogy is clear. All of us can experience the same peace at the core of our personal life-storms. Just as there is a “calm eye” within every dangerous hurricane’s ferociously spiraling madness. Sharing illustrated techniques and methods, Lord’s weekly class reveals how anyone reading this novel-like book can tap their own life’s core of calm strength.

Experience emotional freedom, even in the middle of life’s relentless, unacceptable terrors.

Tap your inner power.

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Hybrid Vigor: A True Reveal of Love


“Our toxic world needs a kick in the butt!”

A common rooster says this … with his barnyard squawking!

An allegorical look at various forms of Love. Amusing in tone, about a sensitive, life-affirming subject.

A cast of animals becomes our enlightened wisdom teachers in teZa Lord’s second illustrated nonfiction narrative. Roostie’s persistent wake-up rally (his role as symbolic messenger) is gladly welcomed. He’s the heralder of change, transforming himself to something much greater in this insightful, entertaining collection of true events. In the same manner, all of us can transform ourselves just as Roostie does.

Each chapter uses a different animal-guide, domestic and wild—mammals, birds, reptiles, even insects. Profound lessons are demonstrated just by the way each critter exists.

Why can’t we be more playful like dolphins?

What’s wrong with being more drawn to the Light of expanded awareness, the way a moth is attracted to a flame, no matter the cost?

Why can’t we be more in tune with “what IS” like the way an unknown dog suddenly appears “to save” Lord’s life, and then … just as unexplainably … disappears.

These animals teach us to transform ourselves first … then … the world is transformed one person at a time. This book is for anyone who cares about their own upliftment as well as contributing to the bright future of all humankind and planet Earth itself.

Join the Army of Love!

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Zen Love


Plundering the West Indies for a decade …

… she finally finds her love match …

… who has young kids to raise, which means …

… are you ready for this? …

… her agreeing to settle down in a suburban town in America’s Bible Belt! Where she is a fish out of water. But instead of gasping for air on the dock, she focuses on raising a family as her life’s next thrilling challenge. The She-Pirate shape-shifts and becomes Angel Mom.

Novel-like, this true saga recounts a woman’s search for life’s ultimate heights. The other books in teZa Lord’s Transcendent Trilogy are also illustrated nonfiction narratives, like this one.

A three-generational portrayal, every character has a different perspective of what family means. To Angel Mom, she “needs to be nurtured as much as the kids do.” Her partner says their union is a “way to get closer to God.” This spiritual adventure takes us ever deeper, widening the collective heart of our humanity. Lord allows us to see the Sacred in everyday Ups and Downs of ordinary life.

Modern life, like this family’s journey, is about embracing, no longer conquering, outsiders.

This blended family mirrors the many challenges of balancing global interdependence in our world today. Every personal challenge widens universal perspectives. After looking everywhere else for it, Lord finally senses the belonging she’d lost as a child—within herself.

“I couldn’t put it down,” say numerous Amazon reviews.

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