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this is what people are like who have not opened their hearts to Spirit; they live in their hard-nut hearts

this is what people are like who have not opened their hearts to Spirit; they live in their hard-nut hearts, like rock people, their Light cemented shut

we can either focus on the hard stuff in life…the injustices, the gripes, the grief, the dis-ease, pain, evil, hardships and challenges … or … we can focus on something entirely different and break free:

We are One

what happens to people when we open our hearts to the Truth of Spirit: We are One

i’m sure you’ve had the experience: what you think is what you become. athletes use focusing techniques to win; students ace tests by merely thinking they can; jobs, parking spaces and even lovers manifest when we visualize them. stories of “what you think you are” are an integral part of our human-ness.

it’s true, whatever we focus on, that’s what we are. if i choose to focus on the turmoil of the world around me, i’m pissed off, disturbed, and pretty darn scared. but if i choose to focus on the inner state of connectedness, the spiritual Oneness that is the only Truth i’ve ever known to be absolutely, beyond a doubt prove-able (based on my own experiences) … then this life is veritably heaven on earth.

i watched “The Cry of the Snow Lion” last night. for those of you who don’t know this incredible documentary, it lays out the truth of Tibet’s oppression by the inhuman communist chinese. i can actually say that until last night i was ignorant of the truth of Tibet’s great oppression. what horror! what atrocities! what barbaric treatment of these spiritual people. but…and here’s the universal lesson that we all need to remember…the Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibet (in exile) in spiritual, political and cultural matters, incredibly holds no malice towards the evil treatment the red chinese government and its soldiers have inflicted on the Tibetans.

what a lesson. His Eminence says, “you cannot hate those that are evil. otherwise you become like them. you must oppose them with non-aggression, and overcome hatred with love, through compassion.”

woodpecker warrior, a member of the Army of the Light, laughing as he battles evil, glad to have you on his side

woodpecker warrior, a member of the Army of the Light, laughing as he battles evil, glad to have you on his side

in my own life i can apply this teaching to practically every single person, situation, and event that bothers me. i’m not perfect, but i’m getting better at detaching from the negatives. with my own family i have the opportunity to practice compassion on a daily basis, instead of waging war, i choose to not exercise bitter control over how everyone (should, ought) to act. let go let God, yes, that’s IT. i attempt to shower the warm, healing glows of love toward any one–even an insensitive, over-wrought daughter–who hurts me. the people who hurt us the most are our greatest teachers. once we learn to forgive–and detach from their lack of compassion.

angel mom ... just a regular, ordinary mother learning to forgive and forget ... one day at a time ... practicing compassion with our kids

angel mom ... just a regular, ordinary mother learning to forgive and forget ... one day at a time ... practicing compassion with our kids

ahhh, detachment now there’s another day’s sharing. compassion, a great topic for some other time. the very core of living In Spirit, to be compassionate (com=with; passion=feeling).

my little life is so comfortable. so easy. the Tibetans, those still in Tibet especially, have so much misery, so much oppression to overcome. i pray that the world will come together and send support to the People of Tibet. 

please see the film: and do what you can, even by sending your thought-energy, your financial donations, your social and political activism, or simply your awareness to help these people. things are so much worse than i had ever imagined. the red chinese government is nightmarishly cruel, inhumane and not ever to be trusted. they have sinned against humanity by their illicit takeover of the sacred Himalayan altar of Tibet.

today i spoke with Binky Person a Native American Hopi out in arizona, who is fighting his own private struggle, to keep the teachings of his ancient culture alive, to keep his people aware of their birthright. my friend Petuuche, of the Acoma nation (in New Mexico), told me, no–he begged me to help Binky, when i emailed to ask Petuuche how i could help the Hopi. on the phone Binky silently wept when i told him we were sending him a small donation. he cried. i cried too. man, it’s moving when you touch another human heart. and i never ever met Binky before that phone call today. he has no computer. he’s a simple corn farmer (all by hand, he told me) but he spends any time he can trying to help his own people–the Hopi pueblo nation–not to be put down by the encroaching americanization, the tv-consciousness, the materialism of modern life. he’s exhausted! Binky lives to protect the spiritual life of humanity. it’s important, i feel, to support people like Binky. yes, we can support the Tibetans, but here in america, the natives of our land need our help as well, if not more.

make checks out to: Native Movement (non-profit tax #501c3) and designate “for Hopi Nation’s special efforts.” Late in September Binky has organized a “Run for Water” event, in which races and other cultural experiences will be shared by all who participate. see for more info on Binky’s work, and other ways you can help other indigenous people.

we are One. if we hurt one part of the web, all the web of humankind suffers. the Mystery is: we are One. think that. become that. Be One In Spirit.

i had to tell Binky, with a chortle, that here in my Florida seaside town of St. Augustine, the tourist industry promulgates the ridiculous saying, “St. Augustine–the oldest city in America”… on everything from t-shirts to big-ugly-toxic billboards. but i am always compelled to tell, irreverently, laughingly, to whomever will listen, in a very light-hearted but hey!-let’s-get-real! kind of way, “you’re absolutely wrong! st. augustine is the oldest white guys’  city in america…what about the thousands-of-years-old cities (of the Hopi, Acoma, and Laguna pueblos, and all the forgotten Annasazi). yeahhhh: Truth is Truth.

for the record, Old Oraibi, on the Black Mesa in Arizona, dated at over 4,000 yrs. old, the true “oldest city in America”–and it’s still inhabited! it’s very rough. there are no stores except where “outsiders” can come and see the Hopi’s masterful artwork. i don’t think there’s plumbing even, if they do it’s very primitive. each family has their own outhouse, on the edge of the mesa’s cliff. unlike other, richer tribal nations of indigenous people, the Hopi have no casinos. they need financial support from all of us white guys, and yellow, black, pink and even those megalomaniacal red ones from china.

in the glee (and ghee!) of laughter, keeping it light in the Light,

lord flea

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