ChanGe is only constant in liFe

Hi Friend in Spirit—

i had written a nice juicy post from my iPhone, and — lo and behold — it didn’t work! Instead of being mad or disappointed, i just said, “Well, that’s par for the course. Nothing’s sure except … things change.” And in this case, the “change was losing the post that took a half hour of laborious typing on my phone’s tiny keypad.

After all this time of trying to buck the flow of life, I’m only absolutely, 100% sure of two things:

number One: we create our own realities from the choices we make, and, number Two:  Change is the only constant in Life.

That’s why I honor Spirit instead of: politics, movements, religion, organized anything of any sort. In all my rants and sharings (whichever way you look at my writings here on lordflea) I center on how “things” affect me and all of us who share this whirling blue globe suspended in space. I come from the point of view that we are all spiritual beings having a human existence.

spreading the person at a time

spreading the Light, one person at a time

look at this drawing, for instance.
this week i had computer problems, and had to wipe my hard drive clean, take it absolutely down to scratch-from-factory condition, in order to make it run properly. That means ALL my artwork and saved information, which i had for years  scanned and neatly filed away and was accessible by SIGHT at a mere click of my nifty finger—all that, all my computer’s input, was dumped into an external hard drive that i don’t even know, really, how to operate. SO—-in order to share this drawing with you i went hunting. That’s big-time CHANGE—how to do something I’ve never done! You and I, all of us, we’re faced with that everyday of our lives. Well—i just held my nose (figuratively speaking) and jumped in, just like the first time i wanted to swim in a big dark pond and didn’t know how. I just did it. Took a deep breath and … jumped in. Most times things have worked out pretty well. I haven’t drowned yet. YET.
Oivey! Guess what? Going into the “new” external hard drive was like hunting for a tiny ant in a pitch dark field of sticky prickers. I didn’t know what i was doing. Didn’t know where I was. Couldn’t even tell which drawings matched which “codes” I could only see … there were only numbers and letter instead of names, no “titles” or hints whatsoever of which image was which. YIPES! I felt lost! BUT, instead of being pissed, or blaming the computer, or the geeks who didn’t tell me how to do anything — I decided to trust my fate to an invisible choice.
I would click something at random, in a place where I “thought” maybe, perhaps, sort-of, iffy, okay I had to TRUST that this file MIGHT be a drawing that would relate to what I’m talking about: Change.
So I clicked. And this is the drawing that came into being after clicking. And no, i never knew what it was until it appeared here, before me, just as you see it. And you know what—it’s perfect!!!
Because I’m MOST interested in helping others, as I have, to change —from materialistic ego-centric humanity to Spirit-filled, Spirit-inspired, Spirit-fueled, and Spirit-Trusting beings of Light that we truly are, who are having a human incarnation all together—and for this concept, this belief, this reality that i have created for my own existence (that’s pretty fun, folks!) this illustration is absolutely the ticket to convey
how it works.
Change starts with going to our center. The group in the above drawing sits facing center. In the center, imagine, is Human Knowledge, our Inner Wisdom, also called, “The Light.” Knowledge that is intrinsic to our human natures. It’s encoded in our DNA that’s been passed down to us from the Ancients, our beloved teachers, all the en-LIGHTened Prophets, our various holy scriptures, AND our own life experiences. And then, one by one, we who surround that center, together we sing, we dance, we praise the Light, we spread IT too, and we influence ONE another, and some other person perhaps, and—one person at a time—we change the world. We change from being scared and scurrying humans (like ants in the prickly field) over-populating and over-compensating for each other—we morph, we change, we transform ourselves into an inter-connected family of Man, the family of huManity: accepting each other’s differences. Not trying to control one another. WOW. Think of THAT. One day I woke up and just knew that all my efforts, all my work, my songs, my creations, my energies—are rippling through the waves of diverse choices we all face, and perhaps, maybe, by chance!—one by one, other people will join the song of Oneness we sing on lordflea, and come to realize that WE, together, can make a difference—one person at a time.
Want to see what happens when i go into my new external hard drive and….by chance….try clicking on another “number code”? Hmmm, let’s see how its works this time.
oh yeah, that's US

oh yeah, that's US all right! Beings of Light disguised as humans, some of us claiming our angelic form, others still debating that point

It’s perfect! You’re perfect! I’m perfect:

“We are perfect in our imperfections.” (yogic scripture)

Om purnamidam. Purnasya. Purnamadaya. Om shanti shanti shanti. 

in the Light, lordflea

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