Remember to breathe — no matter what!

Friends, a quick thought about what so many are feeling these days: insecurity about these trying times. Remember: irregardless of what you may call the Great Mystery, whether it be God, Great Spirit, a more humanized name, or Nature, or, as a friend shared with me recently about how she calls this belief by the non-specific, non-offensive title of “The IT Factor” — when you realized how IT holds up the sun, the moon, the stars, planets, and countless galaxies, who are we to think that we’re not going to be kept afloat, kept safe, kept free from falling during this hard time filled with so many insecurities? So many people I’m running into lately, back home in St. Augustine and now, during our western travels, so many people are so worried. Filled with great fears about money, government, not to mention the constant threat of another major terrorist attack.

During these times PLEASE remember to breathe. Watch as the breath comes in you, filling you with the life force and watch as it disperses any darkness and replaces it with glorious light. Watch your breath as you expell it and send your self-awareness with it out into the world. Each of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are not alone. We are never abandoned. The Big IT is universal consciousness that keeps not only planets and galaxies from colliding but keeps us ever moving forward toward our true destinies, as individuals, as a nation, as an integral part of human evolution.

Never give up. When in doubt, fear, or just plain scared, follow your breath. And watch how you cross the bridge from your lower self to the IT-centered Higher Self. By staying aware of your breathing, ever deepening it, ever conscious of it, one stays true, steady, and serene—no matter what happens, good or bad, fortune or misfortune, wealth or poverty, health or sickness.

And remember to exercise! Because too many of us have lost our instinctual animal-like tendencies, which include running in the wild, eating good and wholesome, unprocessed food, and breathing like an animal– deeply, fully. Right now we’re booting up to walk the wide open spaces out here in Montana.

In the Light, with Western flavored Love,


  1. jenna on August 23, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Good advice from Lord Flea! Nature is my temple.
    Getting ready to go out to Vancouver, British Columbia area for two weeks. A little city, a little country – best of both worlds.
    Hope ll is well. love to you.

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