In Spirit: New Ideas a-Tremblin’ in the Wind

Dear Friends,

I was inspired to download on my iPhone a drawing app after seeing last week’s New Yorker cover by David Hockney, who does a drawing on his iPad or iPhone everyday. I’d never even thought of that! Wow, so rush rush to the app store, find a freebie, and voila! Here’s the first drawing of the new graphic season of content, a la Lordflea Sings:

thoughts on new life

thoughts on new life

Within the female form new life stirs.

Within our own minds, new thoughts arise.

Within the social fabric, change and newness cause a-stirring.

And so I pondered all these things, as I drew with my new drawing tool, so cool, so hi-tech, so easy and accessible. I’ll be sharing more of these drawings with you in the future. You can even draw on top of photos, like this one of friends (not minding the ears and moustaches I’ve given them):

making something else of what is

making something else of what is

And that brings up what I have in mind to speak about today. This post has been hatching in my thoughts for quite a while during the last few weeks, as i’ve been busy taking workshops (one about the spiritual meaning of the great pre-Christian era scripture, The Bhagavad Gita, “The Song of God” a many weeks-long course I am still in the midst of; and …  another nine-weeks course on how to build, maintain, and publicize a website…coming soon!).

I’ve noticed a lot of people are on edge lately. Yeterday, for instance, I had two people who ought to have known me better, completely blow my mind by acting as if they didn’t understand the good intentions from which I operate. In short, I felt attacked by their accusations. In one case it was an outright blast of vitriolic unfairness, directed at me for who-knows-what reason. The other was a more indirect, but none the less aggressive swipe at my rootedness in being a kind, giving, self-less person (to the best of my ability). So these actions yesterday, compiled by a lot of tension i generally see going on among so many others these days, has led me to want to share about this subject:

What I do when I get confused by things

I make a list of Pro’s on one side of a piece of paper, and on the other side I make a list of the Con’s, and add to both sides until I exhaust the subject that confuses me. It always makes me feel better, and adds to my understanding, even giving me glimpses as to how I may have caused some of my own discomfort. Wow, now there’s a thought. So…let’s take my present unpleasant-people situaion as an example (with the idea that you can apply this method to anything else that intrigues you, or confuses or challenges your peace of mind, and it will help enormously, to clarify your beliefs about any subject).

My issue is, simply put: I live my life for the spiritual connection I intrinsically feel and have spent my entire life developing, yet some people doubt that, challenge my belief in the existence of Spirit or its validity over geopolitics, environmentalistm, mundane nitty-gritty living, or  simply don’t give this flavor of living (In Spirit, I call it, an incredibly flavorful, bouteous, and diversified lifestyle) any merit.

So here are my columns with some items I’ve been thinking about listed beneath them, for this particular introspective exercise:

PRO (living a spiritual life)                 CON (living a material life)

I live in peace………………………………Others challenge my motives

I feel at One with Great Spirit…………I believe fundamentalism separates

I care to live In Spirit…………………..Many could care less and ostracize me

Spiritual is the new world order……The old order is cracking, people getting weird

I trust that all will be well……………Many are fearful, angry, depressed

Spirit comes from the Heart………Needing things come from Head

Heart/Spirit is pure feeling…………….Unquenchable wants are from thinking

Spirit reaps abundance of all things……..Material always lead to bankruptcy

the Reward is inner peace………………the Reward is things, status quo

Being guided by Spirit is object……….Acquiring stuff and domination is goal

I sometimes feel alone, but am not…..This time is a shift of beliefs

others share Spirit more and more…..I must appear like a freak to many

I love life! am not scared, sad, mad….I notice many others are just that

take a breather---agree to re-think, and maybe, re-birth yourself!

take a breather---agree to re-think, and maybe, re-birth yourself!

take time to reflect before jumping off the can change!

take time to reflect before jumping off the can change!

We all have choices. Here’s a drawing I’ve used many times before in my sharings with you, but…hey! it says a million words, so here it is again!

we all have CHOICES

we all have CHOICES

I’m always happy to share my thoughts with each and every one of you who comes to visit Lordflea Sings. Thanks for making time for something special in your life, and in mine.

in the Light,

Lordflea, your pal


  1. mountain-mamma suz on October 28, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    LOVE, LOVE LOve all you write and create!!! and yes LOVE is the answer to any and ALL questions in my humble opinion…the GLUE that holds everything together…PS: headin that way to Homosassa Springs for a few weeks with side-adventures to St. A. and Jax for my baby-girl re-UNION

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