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some of you may know that i’ve been writing a book. and some of you might know that i’ve been trying to get published through the customary means of approaching agents, publishing editors, etc. etc. And maybe some of you also know how darn hard that happens to be these days. Of course: Everyone wants to be an Author, Everyone is an Artist … everyone’s mother and grandmother especially.

So … i am here to tell you that i’ve taken the plunge and have embraced the new paradigm shift that is occurring right now, as we speak. Not maybe but with a bigtime NOW. The wave of change is upon us. The tsunami of each 21st Century artist and author (including musician, dancer, poet, scientist, manicurist … any person who offers new and different things to the world) must take the bull by the horns and promote themselves.

nobody else is gonna do it for us, right?


After hedging and “trying” over and over (my excel sheet of rejections is topping 100) I am plunging in and making a plan to offer you, the interested reader of all sorts, the opportunity to read at your leisure my trilogy of transformation.

HEART ISLAND: tales of an unnatural naturalist

First step: please go to my NEW page on Facebook and “like” it so you can keep abreast of the upcoming movement involved with publicly unveiling my trilogy. click here now or come back when you finish this post: www.facebook.com/tezalord

Second step: Enjoy the moment, each moment. The Magic Moment of the NOW! Here’s a little something to help you focus on “That.”

within each of us, we are powerFULL

within each of us, we are powerFULL

All we need to tap into our own inner power — to rely upon that source of unlimited energy that makes us able to do the unthinkable — is to relax, breathe deeply, shut outside disturbances off (if only for a moment at a time!) and FEEL the true matrix of our Being. Feel that we are truly One. Each one of us is truly a vessel of Universal Energy…no matter what you call it (Spirit, God, etc.).

So that’s what’s going on with lordflea! hope you enjoy my new presence. As always, I’ll be posting here about other things besides “my life.” I like to keep the subject of this blog timeless, non-political, non-personal, and useful for everyone who wishes to be a little more less stressed and waaaaay more happy.

all our energies ... constantly getting recycled

all our energies ... constantly getting recycled

and don’t forget, for those who want to read the first couple chapters of “Heart Island” I have made a special blog for just that reason, for your convenience: Heart Island, tales of an unnatural naturalist

in Light and Love, Lordflea singin’ with y’all

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