Will Wonders Never Cease, part 2 — or is it Part 102?

Guess you’ve been wondering if I’ve been swallowed by a giant black hole, eh? Well, I’ve just finished, REALLY really finished the final edit (well … is it ever really finished?) for my upcoming nonfiction spiritual guide, “Family Bliss NOW: a holistic guide to global transformation … one blended family at a time.”

In honor of my coming out … as an author, silly! … after so many years, false starts, high hopes, dashed dreams, relentless tenacity (or is it utter madness?) I have created a NEW website so people get to know the real me, not the Lord Flea persona I’ve shared for these past five years with you. Please visit the new site tezalord.me and drop me a line to tell me how you like it.


Meanwhile, back at the Ranch teZ … I’m readying to take my 94-year-old (young in heart and speedy afoot!) mom, Eve Mary, on her longed-for visit to Iceland, where she’s always wanted to soak in the thermal hot springs so abundant there, fed by the island 14 or 15 LIVE volcanoes (hope none blow while we’re there!). I’ll try to write another post in the next few days to tell you more adventures, always so much to share, so little time in which to do it.

Keep breathing! keep focused on positives! keep dancing, singing, and most of all — believe in LOVE!

all mine to you, Lord Flea aka teZa

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