The Adventures of Angel Mom

The Adventures of Angel Mom

The Adventures of Angel Mom

Hi friends,

I’ve been writing, editing, drawing and painting for the book I’m soon to publish, and that’s why you haven’t heard or seen much from me lately. But today I’m spending a few minutes to share with you what’s going on in the weird and wonderful world of Lord Flea Sings!

Those of you who’ve been following my blog know that I was just to bring you “my book” last fall … when … screeeech! … unbeknownst to anyone but myself I decided to put the brakes on “Global Bliss NOW” the title of the book I had worked on for the entire year of 2012. Imagine my surprise I halted that year-long project. Heavens, I had already put money down to self-publish this book, when — lo and behold! — I realized it was most definitely NOT the book I wanted to bring out to the world. I didn’t want “my baby” and my first baby at that, to be something that I couldn’t hold my head up high when sharing with others about.

I don’t know if any of you have ever gone somewhere, or taken a job, or gotten in a relationship and then — yipes! — you discover that is NOT what you thought you were really doing, and no longer wanted to do it? Well, ha! it happened to me with this book. So, after realizing my error, or more accurately, realizing I had taken the wrong bend in the road without having noticed before — I quickly shifted gears. I decided to start from scratch. Of course there were friends, and their comments, that succinctly helped me “See the Light.” Where would we be without our friends?

Wow. Starting over was a humongous decision! But I’m so glad I made it, and have not regretted it for a second. In fact, this new book I’ve been working on (yes, every tiny little word is brand new, absolutely nothing brought over from the “old” one into the New, Better, Highly Improved book) is a message to the world from the depths of my heart.

Where am I at with this new book (the title is still luminous yet vague) is smack dab in the middle of the flowing river of creativity. The first draft is complete, whew! That’s always the hardest part, in my estimation. Just getting something down on paper. From there, I can add, subtract, develop, or discard depending on how the flow of the story goes. Again, thanks to friends who help along the way: readers, editing, even a casual remark help me sharpen my focus to bring you the story of Angel Mom.

And there you have the whole point! A STORY!! The new book is “the Adventures of Angel Mom” and the old book simply didn’t turn out that way. Why? I don’t know. I’ve been asking myself that question and the only reasonable answer I can come up with is that for some strange reason I wanted to share with the world how I did something, rather than just tell the funny, whacky, zany story of how it was for me. A little glitch in my personality? i don’t know. I don’t care to analyze myself too much these days, having done plenty of that for waaaay too long before. But I needed to, before. Now, I’m just happy to live a meaningful, purpose-filled, goofy, mud-splattered, one day at a time life. With loved ones, my blended family, committed to working for the greater good of humanity in any way I can (blog, book, tweets, good humor, sharing stories with the guy on the street, making great food and sharing, etc.).

So that’s the latest update from Lord Flea. I hope you’ve all had a glorious summer, and what’s left of it, get outside and hike/bike/walk/swim and enjoy this marvelous world we’re so blessed to have. Breathe in the Light, send it out to the world for those who don’t have so much, to share what you have.

Blessings from Lord Flea, aka teZa Lord

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