Choosing to Accept Change

we are what we think about

we are what we think about

Many people have a hard time accepting what is. For some, this is a struggle; for others, because they’ve been practicing it for a while, fears and sadness, disappointments and projections simply don’t stick like they do to others who don’t know being content about “all things” is a matter of practice. Being conscious of having a choice about how one feels about something, is a very big crossroads in a person’s level of awareness. Many go through life never realizing this simple fact: that we all have the choice to change the way we think. Those who don’t know this, stay stuck in negativity of their own choosing without knowing they’ve chosen a negative perspective: exactly what makes us humans so very unhappy.

Choose to Think Positively

During this time of change due to the pandemic’s effects, social transformation, climate change and so many other mitigating factors—I am asking everyone who reads this to take time out of their busy life and reach out to help someone who is in need of comfort. Help another to get out of the trap of negative thinking. And guess what? By helping another, you help yourself!

If more of us helped others to know that accepting what is is a matter of choosing, the world automatically becomes a better, more sane place. This simple method of choosing to accept what is with each new Now-moment before us can be taught to anyone. If you get this simple fact, then SHARE IT. Please.

Our Blended Family of Humankind Needs Your Help

Every person alive needs to be reminded to thinking more positively. Regrettably, in today’s stressed-out world, it is school-age children who need to know more than any other demographic about how important their choices are. Many adults have forgotten they have the power to change their thinking from negatives to positives, no matter what the issue is.

Naturally, whatever a parent thinks and does, the child will emulate. Therefore, instead of hand-wringing, hysteria, negativity, the continuation of denial and fear-mongering going on among many parents and guardians today … our children who are being challenged in today’s pandemic world need our help. Our blended family of humankind is better able to adapt to the real and present need to accept change so we all need to help each other think more positively. The subtle but now detectable mental shift from negative to positive thinking has been researched, and is as bona fide as a person’s vote, even though thinking itself, is invisible. This fact of positive-thinking helping our world to heal is more evident in the Age of Covid than ever before. Those who refuse to be vaccinated, for example, are not helpful, adding difficulty to an already trying worldwide crisis by thwarting herd immunity. Accepting change is necessary to thrive upon planet Earth. The Covid pandemic arrived to teach us this lesson more than at any other time in the last hundred years., since the pandemic of 1918.

Step UP and Accept Change

Every citizen needs to help the suffering person, especially our children and young inexperienced adults. Now is not the time to just sit by and watch others who are in distress. There’s a lot each of us can do; from simply offering a smile to a stranger we see with a sad or frightened look, to donating to causes or charities, to asking someone in obvious discomfort, “Are you okay?” And then, listening to their reply.

Instead of hearing complaints from adults around them, a negative reaction that causes kids to not accept what Covid is handing society, let’s instead teach them all people have choices. Accepting the pandemic is better than being afraid of it. Many school age children are having behavioral issues, nightmares, are constantly worrying, or worse (doing harm to themself). We need to help them, but how? Each adult, parent, teacher, friend or acquaintance, beside the official trauma trainers (who deal with mental health issues called trauma training, helpful for those disturbed by crises of all sorts) and in-school counselors could instill these empowering thoughts into a child instead of promoting fears:

  • What’s happening (the pandemic’s threat, for instance) is a fact, an act of Nature, and is not to be feared (stop with the fear and suspicions, please!)
  • Practicing pandemic guidelines are helpful to everyone, not punitive
  • Substituting in-person with virtual-online schooling is just what is (or was) and is neither good nor bad: just different
  • Accepting change is part of life
  • The sooner a person learns how to simply Be, the happier their life becomes. There is no need for excitement, achievement, or competition when we are content with Being.

Listen to ZLORD podcast for more helpful thoughts, and read or listen to my latest book Zen Love for more way to accept hardships, and have a full and satisfying life.

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