Learning to See and Discover

The Mystery

  By teZa Lord, author of the new audiobook, Zen Love   An amazing article caught my eye this morning as I glanced through the For KIDs section of the New York Times, a weekly special that I peruse in hopes of finding something interesting I can share with my 9-year-old grandson. I nearly fell…

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Covid, a Tough-Love Teacher

Mother Nature Brought Us COVID

Mother Nature Brought Us Covid by teZa Lord Harsh, calling Covid anything but a scourge. Yet along with misery and deprivation it has brought light to our conflicted world. The pandemic has given us a “pause” in which to ponder. Time to assimilate “the new-normal.” Some of us resist or fall into depression. Others decide…

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Our Blended Healing Is HERE

Big Heart of Compassion

Big Heart of Compassion by teZa Lord The order of the day is to mend what’s been broken. Our new President has brought this to our attention. He’s made it clear this healing is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Not just those who think they’re “right” and not just those who…

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Our Blendedness Is Saving Us

Heal Our World by teZa Lord

Heal Our World by teZa Lord Here it is. We’ve witnessed the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ administration. We’re in the midst of the long-awaited dissemination of the Covid-19 vaccination (I got mine recently, hooray!). And yes, for many of us, instead of celebrating beyond measure, we’re forced to keep our feelings of…

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United We Stand

united we stand

United We Stand by teZa Lord   United We Stand Everyone is so excited! A NEW beginning is here, today! Filled with hope, positive direction, Mutual love and respect … Uniting our country, our hearts That are in such need of repair.   Whenever anything breaks The energy of healing Takes effort Takes trust Takes…

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This Mess We’re In Is ALL GOOD

purposeful messiness

Purposeful Messiness by teZa Lord   So many folks are freaking out! I see it in the news and on social media. I hear it in my friends’ texts (we don’t do much socializing, right!). I’ll try my best, in as few words as possible, to present my perspective about why All this strife and…

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Let the Inner Light Shine!

Inner Light by teZa Lord

Inner Light by teZa Lord These days, I’ve learned to trust my feelings. But there was a time, when I first began on the path of Self-Awareness, when I was told not to trust my feelings. “Feelings are not facts,” I was told, by means of a warning to never trust what I felt to…

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Come Off Your Lotus!

  Lotus by teZa Lord This surprising rendition of the derogatory of “Come off your high horse!” was actually said, not to me, but to someone very much like me. A woman who is both a longtime meditator and student of consciousness, as I am, plus a healer, a body-worker, which I am not. My…

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How to Know What Is Truth

Sojourn for Truth

Sojourn for Truth by teZa Lord My soul always wanted to know its own Truth. When I began to seek in earnest my own version of Truth, it was at the end of a very long and tortured ride in my family of origin, who gave me no answers except “No!” As soon as I…

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We Are All Tony Hsieh

Surrender by teZa Lord

Surrender by teZa Lord   When I first heard of the tragic passing of billionaire tech-genius Tony Hsieh, I knew something very weird had happened to him. In the back of my mind, I felt the odd recollection of past lives banging on my today-door. I suspected monkey business. Either murder or suicide. But today,…

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