spirituality is about … choices

a few people have expressed surprise because i choose to include the widget (a doo-hickey gizmo) on my blog which uploads interesting, varied, and random video clips that change almost daily (thanks to my mothership, WordPress.com).

random … like … something about this weird, that makes one wonder what’s up huh?–

makes ya wonder, huh?

makes ya wonder, huh?

if something makes one think, even if it’s to say to yourself “NO NO NO”–then it’s a valid thought to have, for just a split second! why not? that’s what GOOD ART should be … make us REACT, think, ponder … and CHOOSE. and that’s what lordflea’s about.  here on lordflea sings, the blog, we’re into spiritual thought and spiritualizing others via internet-vibes, uploading writing and thought-provoking-evolutionary, visionary ART.  not just talk.  too much talk out there!  too much too much.  so …. let’s try anudder conundrum for ya, okaY? wha’dya think THIS one be about?

ah symbols! cross, God, blue dress, stone wall. hmmmmmm, lemme see, mmmmm

ah symbols! cross, God, blue dress, stone wall. hmmmmmm, lemme see, mmmmm

life is a puzzle and we’re the One (we are One) searching for the pieces to fit.

 for some of us it’s easier to get the “big picture” (religion or philosphy may help some; studying history, ancient cultures, and appreciating subtle or not-so-subtle messages from NATURE, fine art and literature, too).  then our job, whether we wander or dance our way through life, is to figure out the piecing-together of the entire picture, even if there are few other “clues” to life’s secret(s) other than … a glance of color, an odd shape, a … weird thought … remembrance of a sound . . . seeing a bit of LIGHT within . . .

So, instead of thinking and figuring out, sometimes we need to just get quiet, and listen.  Practice Tolerance.  See life as a series of choices.  LIGHTEN up! See life as an adventure you can have fun “deciphering” with your intellect . . .

or . . . the cessation of thought . . . meditation . . . ommmmmm

or . . . by practicing the cessation of thought . . . meditation . . . ommmmmm

i say…include ALL in our search for inner peace and our personal truth! why not? when you’re on the spiritual path that doesn’t preclude appreciating modern culture, historical studies, art or civilization-in-all-its-varied-forms vs. the purity of the wisdom of the ancients, including holy scripture.  we don’t have to concentrate on JUST things high-brow and turn our backs to things considered “down-brow” or anti-evolutionary.  i think ALL things cultural should be watched, sorted out, and either embraced or … dismissed by our own piecing together of whatever particular part of the “puzzle of life” one happens to be working on.

i discovered my long lost New Zealand lover boys, the Flight of the Conchords right here, on my own blog! i got to see Barack and Michelle and girls introducing to the public Bo, their new black and white dog, right on my own blog! i get to see things i otherwise would never see (i don’t watch much TV, and only read the NY Sunday Times..all week long though…).  because of this video-widget i get to see weird wonderful wacky stuff.  so i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

for those of you wondering about the eclectic variety of lordflea’s taste, yeah, that’s right.  all things, and i mean ALL things are of Spirit … good or bad. ALL is made by the creative Force, the Source, the Higher Power of a zillion names. what to some is “bad” may be “good” to another, including Lucifer: don’t forget his tremendous fall, that High Angel to the depths of satanic hell! Ouch! What a misstep he made, in scriptural documentation.  whether the existence of a person, place or thing is considered by us to be good or bad, right or wrong, fine art or just crap, whether we feel repulsed or attracted, a certain “thing” is either embraced or dissed–the act of choosing is up to us.  ahhhh, that good ol’ free will, remember?  because WE do the choosing, negate or embrace, the CHOOSING is the spiritual part of life.  everything else is just a game, a presentation of choices: and we’re the players here in the middle of the cosmic play, Act Twenty First Century, maybe? … i dunno, what act are we on anyway?

according to the yogic scriptures, we’re in Kali Yuga … the age, epoch, that humanity has finally arrived at (we’re at the start of Kali Yuga, which lasts for tens of thousands of years, so don’t worry!).  here in this scripturally forecasted age we, humankind, are going to be FORCED to become spiritualized … or … guess what??

the uplifting wave of spiritualization of us ALL

the uplifting wave of the current spiritualization of us ALL

see the tiny person in the middle of the breaking wave?  well, that person is you, and me, and all of us … as we are, right NOW, riding the wave of the breaking-NEWS!!-type of evolutionary power unleashed on the planet at this time, this era, this Kali Yuga age.  the wave began to break over us, the entire world, in FULL FORCE on the pivotal day, “Black Tuesday,” September 11, 2001.  if we trust where the wave is taking us, if we “ride” the wave of our own personal choices, and don’t buck it, don’t fight it … ride into the LIGHT, allow yourselves to be UPLIFTED by the wave of POWER, we’ll be safe and happy and … eventually . . . all of us . . . as ONE . . . because we are ONE . . . the entire human race, the family of humankind will become en-lightened!

BUT if we resist, and fight it …  and try to control IT or OTHERS … well, the wave just might break over us, and … go figure what happens then.

by the way, check out that trailer on my widget to the right, —> about Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey, Jr, as the Great Weirdo Dick, Himself! How cool is that gonna be! wheeeee, and we get to see it here FIRST, right on lordflea sings!

that’s my thought on this gorgeous rainy day in st. augustine. on a day when colors are rich, and thoughts go deep. i’m having fun! how ’bout you?

"sufi bird" says: sing with lordflea, yeah mohn!

"sufi bird" says: sing with lordflea, yeah mohn!

lots of good choosing, my friends, in the Light, lordflea

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