when life gets to be just … too much!

Dear One

we are ONE

we are ONE

I am just so sad, so blown away, so concerned for you and your family, and I can’t begin to imagine how you and yours are feeling. This sudden turn of events is just absolutely one of the things of life that doesn’t make sense.
My prayers are with you. You were so much a presence in my thoughts that i felt i needed to do a lot more “work”…sending you my energy, my prayers, the thought-energy, the directed waves of … my power into YOURS. Going to bed, for instance, seems too “trite” and so I keep getting up and praying for you.

People dislocated and despaired from earthquakes and natural disaster

Victims of floods, tsunamis, disease — and WAR!

People who are in pain, personal, political, or spiritual.

People who have lost dear ones, or fear dying themselves
…people in fear, anger, victimization … people in pain…. 

feeling lost on life's journey

feeling lost on life's journey

I don’t know any reasons for what you’re going through, but I want you to know that stress in any way, shape, or form, can cause terrible things, and worsen bad ones that happen. Life itself is so stressful, we all know that. Some people (not YOU!) can barely force a smile on their faces, because they overly concern themselves with the negatives of life, rather than the ever-present positives. Please know, very sincerely, that I wish for you to be free of any feelings you might have, of feeling hopeless, or being a victim. Every thing does happen for a reason. Often we just don’t know what that reason might be.
Of course, if you, likewise, determine stress isn’t a factor, that this mishap has occured because of … i dunno, bad luck, genetics, nature going rampant, or ….whatever you prefer to call it … I leave that decision up to you. Me personally, I want to believe that all that happens has a purpose, and what doesn’t happen, likewise: that WHAT IS MEANT TO BE, WILL BE.
So here i am, writing you, a specific friend I’m thinking about, who is probably numb with frustration, sick with worry, and depressed because of the fickle hand of life he’s been dealt. I’m sure all of us know someone who feels like this. Whose life is hard. Who has family lost in the recent spate of worldwide tragedies. I hold each and every one of you in my arms, fellow human beans, and hug you with my heart. I feel all your pain. I feel the unsteadiness, the rising fear many are feeling in this journey we share, called life.

So much of what I want to tell you can be summed up by the corny saying, “let go let God.” It’s all i can think of this morning, after a pretty concerned night, praying for you. 

relax, and let the wave of life sweep you along

relax, and let the wave of life sweep you along

 I know it’s a worn saying. But there is so much wisdom in these four simple words, “let go let God” that they give me comfort when life goes a way I just can’t fathom, and can’t feel okay about because it’s too weird, too shaky, and not enough Magic for me. I can’t help it: I’m into the magic of life. That’s my forte. Seeing the gateway through which we can pass, and understand that things are not what they seem to be.

But for many of us, we think life should be OUR way, but then–the “Force” that is in charge of how we molecules of energy bounce around among each other–plays its hand, calls its shots, shoots its marbles, and we have …. catastrophes, miscalculations, frustrations–and in some case, serious health issues–or we get tossed around by the whim of nature, its winds, its calamities, its unpredictableness. 

Guardian of the People, protecting us

Guardian of Nature, challenging us

All i can do at times like this, is pray. Prayer, to me, is a transferral of energy. Call it Grace, if you wish. It is a sending of intention, of LIGHT, thought, and of course, concern, to another situation, or person, or “thing.” I pray for my own self, of course, because it makes me feel better. When I pray for others, for the world situation in general, that also makes me feel better, and I believe, helps the world to heal. The energy of prayer is real. I can feel it in my body. I can feel it when others send theirs to me. I can feel it when I’m in a situation and I’m thinking of someone, and then, boom! the phone rings, and there they are! It happens all the time to me. I believe in the “invisible rays of energy” that we can send, through our minds, across the span of time and space. And this energy is what I call “God”…”Good-Orderly-Direction.” Nothing more, nothing less. Consciousness is another word for this Force, but doesn’t fit nicely the generic acronym G-o-d. When I pray, my consciousness is wrapped around you, lying in a hospital bed, or a Haitian under a leaky tent, or you, a Chilean trying not to feel the misery of your situation, or an beggar hoping to get some food soon, or my friend wondering if his heart will ever allow him to have a “normal” life, or … life at all? In prayer, my rays of consciousness are sent to you and directed toward you ailing, or you with the wondering mind, or you with the empty stomach, or you whose home has been ripped away, or your concerns and your family’s fears, and mine, too, when we awaken from the numbness of the next tidal wave of life, this one packing yet a bigger whalloping punch than the last.

Every thing happens for a purpose

Guardian of the People -- protecting us, surrounding us, energizing us

That’s all I can do. Give my worry, concern, and happiness of having you in my life, as part of my story and my journey, give it to the very much present Consciousness I call God, and let that Consciousness perform the miracle, heal the burst valves of one’s heart, provide shelter for the thousands made homeless by nature’s wrath, help to repair bridges from earthquakes, and fill the human spirit with hope and trust in the future. We all have enough psychic energy to spread to others. We can send our energies, take a moment to do so! to transmit energy, our “thought-seeds” to do the actual physical things, like heart operations that heal, and deliveries of food for the hungry that will save lives, and recruiting of engineers and surveyers to help build the fallen-down bridges that will keep up moving ever forward.

the continuousness of life's energies...always moving onward

the continuousness of life's energies...always moving onward

Just as Michaelangelo depicted Creation on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, where the figure of “God” is reaching out his hand toward the naked figure of Adam, who, in turn, is reaching out for God’s assistance….we must reach out. Some of us do the asking, some of us do the responding. All us humans are in the constant state of asking and receiving, as depicted by God and Adam’s interchange on that ceiling. If one gets closer to the actual painting through closeup photographs, one sees that the artist kept the touch between God and man very close, nearly touching, but — there is a small gap. Just enough of a distance to remind us that we, indeed, are in a human existence, filled with unknowns and possibilities, and “God,” the Almighty Consciousness, the Source, the Force, the Creator–is within our grasp, but only if we reach out for IT. 
I’m so filled with emotion about your situation. And REALLY want you to know that all is well. No matter what, no matter what pain we suffer, as long as we keep smiling and letting life “do us”…we’ll get through our trials and tribulations, and grow into stronger, more centered, more complete human beings. We might even get as close to God as Adam’s little finger.
In the Light, with much love, your pal,


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